Children’s point of view to health related social factors

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Children’s point of view to health related social factors
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Social welfare: interdisciplinary approach . 2016, Vol. 6(1), p. 30-39
LDB Open.
Požiūris į sveikatą; Socialiniai faktoriai; Socialiniai veiksniai; Sveikatos stiprinimas; Vaikai
Children; Health promotion; Social factors
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article raises a problem that we do not pay sufficient attention to children’s point of view to health. Children’s health understanding is closely related to the absence of disease. Due to the growing age and educational programs children’s perception about health is extended to social factors. However, it is a constant challenge to find out meaningful correlations of social factors with health as it is a broad field, influenced by the number of aspects. The article introduces original results of KIDSCREEN 52 survey which is conducted for the first time in Lithuania. Children’s point of view to health is related to the social factors in conjunction with health status, communication with parents, age and gender. Children without health problems demonstrate positive evaluation to health related social factors. The more children talk with parents about health the more they demonstrate positive evaluation to health related social factors. The boys revealed that they more often than girls are talking to their parents about health in general, they assess their health better and they are very likely to agree with statements describing their physical health and well-being. The age of the children interacts with all factors of the questionnaire in a weak but statistically significant correlation. A direct correlation was found between children’s age and overall health assessment. All aforementioned statements are based on statistically significant correlations, which are demonstrated in the article. Our research findings are consistent with already existing; therefore, they complement meaningfully the social ecological approach to health promotion and education. [From the publication]

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