Pareigūnų ir karių antroji karjera: iššūkiai ir perspektyvos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Pareigūnų ir karių antroji karjera: iššūkiai ir perspektyvos
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Second career of officers and servicemen: challenges and perspectives
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Viešasis administravimas [Public Administration]. 2013, Nr. 3, p. 52-61
Antroji karjera; Karys; Pareigūnas; Pensija; Saugumas / Safety.
Officer; Pension; Second career; Social safety; Warrior.
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ENSuperannuation of officers and servicemen on early retirement pensions and their reintegration into labour market are traditionally conceived as a process requiring institutional support where different national-level institutions provide services related to social adaptation and professional orientation towards new spheres of activities. In the said process, an individual’s personal responsibility, priorities and abilities that provide opportunities for middle-aged people to actively participate in the labour market are often ignored. Application of the second career concept allows having a new look at problematic aspects related to reintegration of officers and servicemen superannuated on early retirement pensions into the labour market. Reintegration programmes and measures are obviously significant for people who have finished service in the police, army and other statutory authorities in finding new jobs. However, in order to achieve a life of full social and economic value after the service, further job activities ought to be estimated more widely and analyzed in the light of career management. While analyzing early retirement, it should be noted that such practices are widespread in numerous European states, yet they have been little analyzed on the theoretical level, and still fewer conceptual decisions are offered in relation to this issue. The majority of those involved in analysis of this issue note that research in this sphere is fragmentary, spread over a certain period of time and concentrated in the American cultural area. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the results and have them as a basis when analyzing the situation in another geographical territory.In Europe, early retirement practices are related to social policies of different states and embrace different programmes providing financial and non-financial support for persons who have to leave service due to age or health conditions. In this light, measures of active labour market policies and their impact on careers are analyzed. The authors underline individual responsibility of a statutory or military officer who is involved in early retirement for his or her second career. [From the publication]

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