I-II klasių mokinių kūrybiškumo muzikinėje veikloje teorinis ir empirinis modelis

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I-II klasių mokinių kūrybiškumo muzikinėje veikloje teorinis ir empirinis modelis
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Teoretical and empirical model of creativity in musical activity of first and second graders
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2000, Nr. 2 (11), p. 73-77
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ENImportance of a problem is proved by social order for such researches: lot of companies are interested to have creative employees, because this is the condition of competitiveness of a company. Creativity is important for a person as well as the mean of survival and adaptation in an always changing world according the speed and character of changes. Creativity is also related with permanent looking for personal individuality, personalization of authentic human nature, resistance to the deprivation of individuality under the uniform mass influence, pragmatism and standardization. In contemporary dynamic society the school is aimed to “rise a person, capable to solve personal problems and problems of society, creatively meat challenges of contemporary world”. The authors of educational reform point on special importance of development of creative forces of personality, according the humanistic pedagogical principals. One of the main goals of education reform in Lithuania is to care about creativity of every child according his personal features and needs of development. Implementation of these ideas is quite problematic, and it determines importance and originality of the discussed problem. The problem of creativity was quite widely discussed in works of Lithuanian and foreign researchers. Nevertheless the problem of development of creativity is still not discussed enough. The features of creativity of young children were discussed in some works of foreign authors, but (he possibilities of creative behavior in musical activity is not widely presented.The goal of this article is to present theoretical and empirical model of creativity in musical activity of first and second graders. To achieve this goal it is obviously important to establish a criterion for creativity. There are some types of criterion have been used: some which are based on the nature of the product, others which are based on the characteristics of the person, others based on terms of a process, a kind of a person, or a set of conditions. This work is based on belief, that creativity is a complex feature. According Guilford and Torrance, it consists of fluency, flexibility and originality. We think, that in musical field of activity the intuition is of high importance as well. Scientific research of creativity in music pays special attention on children’s ability of improvisation. Some authors recognize importance of other fields of musical activity for development of children’s creativity. One of bright representatives - J. Webster from USA, who based theoretically and experimentally the application of model of creative thinking in musical activity. Other specialists point on definition of realms of musical activity. Some of them see big difference of possibilities for children to act and reveal their possibilities in different fields of activity. For that reason importance of these activities for creative development is different as well. The fields of musical activities in which creativity could be revealed were defined: interpretation, composition and evaluation. On basis of works of music pedagogues, practice of musical education in Lithuania, practical experience of the author some empirical features were determined. The result of investigation is the theoretical and empirical model of creativity in musical activity, which is presented at the end of the article. [From the publication]

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