Specialiųjų poreikių vaikų skaitymo sunkumai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Specialiųjų poreikių vaikų skaitymo sunkumai
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SEN children’s reading problems
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Specialusis ugdymas [Special Education]. 2002, Nr. 1 (6), p. 65-71
Specialusis ugdymas / Special education; Vaikai / Children.
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LTStraipsnyje apibūdinamas skaitymo procesas, analizuojamas kai kurių lietuvių bei užsienio mokslininkų požiūris į jo komponentus, būtinas prielaidas jam įvaldyti. Didžiausi specialiųjų poreikių vaikų skaitymo sunkumai – prasta skaitymo technika bei nepakankamas teksto supratimas. Remiantis 1996-1999 m. keliose specialiosiose bei bendrojo lavinimo mokyklose atliktų tyrimų duomenimis, bandoma apžvelgti skaitymo proceso sutrikimų, lemiančių mokymosi sunkumus, priežastis, išsamiau panagrinėti skaitymo klaidas. Kartu nurodomi svarbiausi būdai skaitymo sunkumams įveikti. Akcentuojamas alternatyvių bei aktyviųjų mokymo metodų, teigiamos motyvacijos vaidmuo mokant skaityti. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Specialiųjų poreikių vaikai; Skaitymas; Mokymosi sunkumai; Children with special needs; Reading; Difficulties of learning.

ENProblems of mastering the reading process are being widely analyzed from various standpoints by many Lithuanian and foreign scientists and pedagogues. Moreover, they affirm reading to be the most complex process. At the very beginning of its formation SEN children start facing various insuperable obstacles. The research was aimed to define SEN children’s of different groups reading difficulties. It also proposed to realize general speech development particularities that have an effect on the formation of reading skills. On the basis of a child’s with reading difficulties cognition program, 441 pupils from several Lithuanian special and mainstream schools were researched in 1996-1999. In addition, education process, pupil’s school documentation and individual interviews with teachers were analyzed. The results of the investigation revealed that pupils from special schools in forms I and II still do not have sufficient assumptions for the formation of reading skills. Therefore, rather a long preparatory training is needed, and elementary period moves to a second school year. Though pupils in forms III and IV make progress, most of them still need further individual support. Some methodic shortcomings were observed during the research: reading mistakes are often corrected by methodological means of mechanic repetition, phonemic speech and sound analyses, and synthesis practice classes are usually monotonous, moreover, differentiation of tasks is inadequate. Lots of reading problems of SEN children appear in mainstream schools.The teacher’s objective and methodic training is as important as his attitude towards such children, ability to communicate with a special educator, speech therapist and parents. However, teachers cannot take enough notice of SEN children, otherwise, the rest of pupils would lack appropriate attention. For the reason that there is a great number of children with learning difficulties at school, a special educator is not able to satisfy pupils’ requirements properly. Still most part of children, having specific cognition handicaps, overcome these reading problems or at least make progress completing primary education. In spite of this, children who have more complex disorders or are of borderline intelligence still do not go on well, but the most complicated it appears to be for those having mild intellectual retardations. It is possible to get over reading difficulties by means of appropriate support and alternative methods of teaching to read. Moreover, it is stated that stimulation of reading motivation, active teaching methods, application of creative work, provision with special manuals and other means of teaching are very significant in dealing with such problems. [From the publication]

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