"Ant sparnų – po sparnu": vertinamasis konceptualiųjų metaforų aspektas politikos ir sporto diskurse

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"Ant sparnų – po sparnu": vertinamasis konceptualiųjų metaforų aspektas politikos ir sporto diskurse
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Axiological aspect of the conceptual metaphors "on the wings – under the wings" in political and sports discourse
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Filologija. 2015, Nr. 20, p. 16-25
Diskursas; Diskursas, konceptualioji metafora, ištakos sritis, vertinimo aspektas; Ištakos sritis; Konceptualioji metafora; Vertinimo aspektas.
Axiological aspect; Conceptual metaphor; Discourse; Discourse, conceptual metaphor, source domain, axiological aspect; Source domain.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe aim of the present article is to discuss the axiological aspect of metaphors in the view of source domains and the relations of the actualized features of the source domain to the target domain. The research is based on the metaphoric expressions of political and sports discourse collected and classified in the dictionary "Conceptual Metaphors in the Public Discourse" (Būdvytytė-Gudienė 2014 et. al.). The basic factor determining the aspect of the metaphor is the relation of source and target domains, i.e. the metaphoric projection. The analysis of the evaluation of political and sports-related things coded in metaphoric expressions in a public discourse enabled to distinguish two explication sources of the axiological aspect. Evaluation can be analysed in the source domains or in the course of metaphoric projection in the view of actualized features. In order to reveal metaphoric axiological aspects in the view of the source domain, two ways of axiological realization were distinguished: 1) certain natural phenomena, that are the domains of images in metaphoric conceptualization, export a positive or negative evaluation. Such natural phenomena are the swamp, draught, fire, harvest. 2) Other natural phenomena, which are neutral in the axiological aspect, interacting with different discourses can acquire either positive or negative evaluation, e.g., in the cases of metaphoric projections to the target domains of the "neutral" natural phenomena, evaluation is determined not only by the specificity of the target domain but also by the features of the actualized source domain, making the neutral concept the source of either positive or negative evaluation. The analysis of the political and sports discourse metaphors presented in the dictionary in the view of evaluation highlighted the possible link between the conventionality of metaphors and the direction change in the evaluation scale.This interface should be verified by analysing metaphors in other discourses and source domains. [From the publication]

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