Kredito unijos narių finansinė elgsena atsižvelgiant į jų asmenines savybes

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kredito unijos narių finansinė elgsena atsižvelgiant į jų asmenines savybes
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Financial behavior pecularities when choosing between bank and credit union
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2013, Nr. 1 (22), p. 127-133
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Bankinis sektorius; Finansinė atskirtis; Finansinė elgsena; Kredito unijos; Banking sector; Credit unions; Financial behavior; Financial exclusion.
Bankinis sektorius; Finansai. Kapitalas / Finance. Capital; Kreditas. Paskolos / Credit.
Banking sector; Financial behavior; Financial exclusion.
Summary / Abstract:

ENToday we face a lot of economic theories that have already been investigated many times, and their existence is proven by many researches. But nowadays we can see a lot of deviations from these economic theories that cannot be explained by those theories which during the ages have been kept as static and unchangeable. To explain these changes, psychological analysis is being used, which helps to reveal and evaluate the irrationality of their decision. It shows that financial behavior - is a combination of financial economics and cognitive psychology, which exists in every step of our lives, and especially those, where we need to take financial decisions. This work is important, because Credit unions are becoming a growing rival for banks and here, in this work, the most important aspects of financial behavior that influence the decision of what to choose – bank or credit union, are described. This article gives knowledge with main aspects of financial behavior and most common trends of financial behavior, such as Perspective Theory, Status Quo bias and other that could be applied in this and further researches. Another important topic in the research – cognitive formation. It is usually explained as the way of representation of information, which influences and affects the choice of a human; and it can be related with mental accounting, which sometimes can be really meretricious and possibly affect his financial behavior. Such situation happened when respondents had to choose the price of 200 litas for two weeks – 14 litas or 14% of annual interest rate. There were main advantages of credit union described in the article - valuables, cooperative culture, exceptional service, the meaning of membership and the status of being member. The responsibilities of employees and management, the status of volunteering, different attitude for human and business, inter-relations and sociality aspects were also analyzed.Exceptional part of credit unions in financial market and different attitude to the profit and financial exclusion was pointed as well. During the research the social status and main social aspects were identified of a member of credit union. Research helped to find out that most of the members of credit union are happy and they are pleased with benefits gained from credit union. Main advantages, such as more flexible borrowing, more profitable saving, and free daily service without account fees, free products and internet banking were found in the research. Some shortcomings of credit union when comparing to banks were also found. It is imperfect internet banking system, which is not enough technologically developed yet. Credit union should also invest a lot in the marketing of its recognition in the financial sector, because sometimes people are aware of small financial companies. It should be done nationally, not even regionally. In such way people could know about the benefits that could be gained when being a member of a cooperative banking. Common attitude of members and employees of credit union helps to optimize cooperative movement and activity of credit union, maximize profit and get benefits from it to all members. In such way several benefits can be gained: benefit for member, satisfaction for the employee of credit union and profit for the credit union. Credit union is a cooperative organization, which offers innovative profit allocation and exceptional ability of participation, which allows its members to feel as a part of an organization, where you can offer your suggestions and improvements. [From the publication]

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