Moterų liejikių kapai žiemgalių kapinynuose

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Moterų liejikių kapai žiemgalių kapinynuose
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Burials of female founders in Semigallian burial grounds
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Akmeninės liejimo formos; Archeologija; Archeologiniai radiniai; Baltai; Kapai; Kapinynai; Liejikai; 10 amžius; 11 amžius; Moterų kapai; Žiemgaliai; Archaeological finds; Archaeology; Baltic tribes; Burial grounds; Female burials; Founders; Graves; Lithuanian X-XI c. history; Semigallians; Stone casting moulds.
Akmeninės liejimo formos; Archeologiniai tyrinėjimai / Archaeological investigations; Baltai / Balts; Kapinynai. Pilkapiai / Barrow. Burials; Liejikai; Žiemgaliai.
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ENThere was a custom with Semigallians - as with most other Baltic tribes - to put working tools together with other burial items. However, working tools make only a small part of all burial items-about 12-16%. Male graves usually contain axes, knives with a straight back, in rarer cases - awls and ice-picks. In female burials tools are more variable - knives with a bent back, hoes, awls, some women were buried with a needle or a spindle. Along with the already mentioned working tools female Burial 135 of Pavirvytė cemetery and Burial 119 of Šukioniai cemetery contained stone casting moulds. These burials are the only in the Baltic territories where women have been buried with stone casting moulds. Stone casting moulds are uncovered in the Lithuanian territory not very frequently and usually in hill-forts. In Latvian hill-forts they are uncovered in by far greater numbers. Still more of them are found in Estonia. In the Saaremaa island the number of uncovered casting moulds amounts to 400. And only three of them were uncovered in burials. In researchers’ opinion this is a rare exception. Stone casting moulds have also been uncovered eastwards from Lithuania - in the land of Polotsk. [...]. [Text from author]

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