Būsimo muzikos pedagogo asmeninė profesinė raida aukštosios mokyklos auklėjimo erdvėje

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Būsimo muzikos pedagogo asmeninė profesinė raida aukštosios mokyklos auklėjimo erdvėje
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Personal and professional development of a future teacher-musician in the rearing space of a higher educational establishment
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Pedagogika / Pedagogy; Studentai / Students.
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LTNagrinėjama universiteto Menų fakulteto auklėjamoji erdvė, jos vaidmuo ir galimybės skatinti studentų asmininę profesinę raidą. Apibūdintos erdvės efektyvaus funkcionavimo sąlygos kaip būsimo muzikos pedagogo asmeninės profesinės saviugdos palaikymo, profesinio tobulėjimo ir dvasinio potencialo veiksnys. Tyrimu parodytos galimybės kurti ugdymo dvasingumo erdvę ir ją vertinti kaip būsimų specialistų meninio pedagoginio rengimo sąlygą. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Asmeninė profesinė raida; Auklėjimo erdvė; Dvasinis potencialas; Meninio ugdymo erdvė; Pedagoginis; Pedagoginis projektas; Profesinė saviugda; Projektas; Studento; Studento profesinė saviugda; Artistic and educational space; Pedagogical project; Personality and professional development; Professional self-development of a; Professional self-development of a student; Spiritual potential; Student.

ENThe changing of educational paradigm requires a resolute refusal from an orientation only for the approach of knowledge attainment with its traditional transmission of the accumulated knowledge and abilities, moreover, when it concerns the sphere of art. It results in changing of the terms of musical and pedagogic activity of a modern specialist and determines the necessity to solve the problem of supporting a student's personal and professional self-development as a condition of his/her spiritual development and professional self-perfection in the educational process. For providing efficiency to this process, meaningful is the use of not only training but also educational pedagogical possibilities and resources of artistic educational space of a higher educational establishment. So the matter of personal and professional development of a future musician-teacher in the rearing space of a higher educational establishment becomes a pressing pedagogic problem. The aim of this research is to determine possibilities of personal and professional development of a future teacher-musician in the educational space of a higher educational establishment. Within the framework of this article the educational segment of artistic pedagogical space is examined as one of its components, which is formed by a multitude of interactive subjects, is determined by the specific character of the profession of a future teacher-musician and includes an aggregate of spiritual factors, providing possibility for creative mastering of this space by a student, and creating him-/herself as a personality and a professional in this sphere. The pedagogical constituent of artistic educational space is multidimensional and dynamic.It includes existing forms of communication, values of culture and art, significant events and symbols and is fundamental for the determination of the 'world culture of a personality: its viewpoints, values, norms, ideals and professional success. The specific character of this process is that it is performed by the aid of mediates: both through the creation of optimal organizational and pedagogical terms and in the process of involving a personality into different types of social, cultural and professional activity. Therefore, the formation and development of the spiritual potential of a future specialist are provided due to his/her involvement into the different spheres of musical and pedagogic activity, artistic and creative development, interpersonal, social and cultural relations and social practice. The basic terms of the creation of pedagogic space arc determined by the artistic and educational process in an institution of higher education. They include pedagogical assistance, conception of personality, professional development and spirituality of the educator's space. Tor personal and professional development of a future teacher it is important that the demonstration of spirituality as an original expression of professional maturity of a future specialist is fastened in such a process. On the theoretical scale, it is important that the phenomenon of the spirituality of the educator's space and its value is shown up in the training process of teachers. The above mentioned theoretical theses arc substantiated experimentally - by creative projects in the training process of future music teachers at the Faculty of Arts of the Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University named after V.Vinnychcnko. [From the publication]

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