Archeologiniai tyrinėjimai Kriukų (Joniškio r.) bažnyčios šventoriuje

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Archeologiniai tyrinėjimai Kriukų (Joniškio r.) bažnyčios šventoriuje
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Archaeological investigations in the churchyard of Kriukai (Joniškis district)
17 amžius; 18 amžius; Joniškis; Kriukai; Lietuva (Lithuania); Archeologiniai tyrinėjimai / Archaeological investigations; Kapinynai. Pilkapiai / Barrow. Burials; Bažnyčios istorija / Church history.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Apranga; Archeologija; Archeologiniai tyrimai; Bažnyčios šventorius; Kapai; Kriukai; Kriukų miestelis, Joniškio rajonas, archeologiniai tyrinėjimai, Kriukų bažnyčia; Laidosena; Lokalinė istorija; Radiniai; 17 amžius; 18 amžius; Šiaurės Lietuva; 17-18 cent; Archaeological research; Archeaology; Burial method; Churchyard; Clothing; Finds; Graves; Kriukai; Kriukai village, Joniskis district, archaeological investigations, Kriukai church; Local history; Northern Lithuania.

ENIn 1994 archaeological investigations were carried out in the churchyard of Kriukai little town (Joniškis district). About 610 m2 area was investigated, 125 graves were found in it. They were found in the territory of the churchyard as well as under the thurchyard as well as under the foundations of the church built in 1792. All the graves were with skeletons oriented west (except three). There were well survived coffins. One grave was found to be double. Most of the finds found in the burial-grounds of Kriukai are associated with clothes. They are relatively few, some of them rather destroyed. Some wool (home made cloth) and linen cloth fragments have survived. There were found some cloths embroidered with silk threads, silk woven sashes, Round hooks were found under the necks of the dead, most probably used to hook up the shirt slits. Fastened with tread hooks - a button-hole and a hook or only a button-hole were used for shirts and trousers to button up at the waist. Some horn and brass buttons were found in several graves. The inhabitants of Kriukai wore hittle crosses or medallions, may be beads fastened with strings under their necks, they decorated themselves with brass and silver rings. A forged copper Riga shilling coin of 1611-1697 was found in one of the graves. On the basis of a shroud found there the burial- grounds of Kriukai are dated the 17th century - the second half of the 18th century period. [From the publication]

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