The Expression of aggression of adolescents involved in sports and artistic activities in Kaunas

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The Expression of aggression of adolescents involved in sports and artistic activities in Kaunas
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Sportuojančių ir menine veikla užsiimančių Kauno miesto paauglių agresijos raiška
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Socialiniai tyrimai [Social Research]. 2014, Nr. 2 (35), p. 108-115
Agresija; Agresyvus elgesys; Paaugliai / Adolescents.
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ENThe article analyzes the expression of aggressive behavior ofpupils involved in sports and artistic activities, reveals the topics and relevance, and discusses the current situation of aggression in Lithuania. Social changes of life led to the outbreak of aggression between adolescents. Cases of adolescents' aggressive behavior are increasingly more common in education institutions. The situation has become uncontrollable. Gradually, the aggression of the pupils can grow into criminal activity. The article explores the specifics and issues of aggressive behavior and discusses the concept of aggressive behavior and the theories explaining aggression. Respondents have been provided a questionnaire prepared under the methodology of R. Prakapas (2001). The methods of scientific literature analysis, questionnaire and mathematical statistics have been used for the research. The obtained results have been processed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) version 17.0, software package of statistical analysis, and the chi-square (x2) criterion has been applied. The study showed that there are not any significant difference in regards to aggression expression between the group of adolescents that engages in sports activities and the group that engages in art activities. One can only mention these important differences - for the greater part of sporting activities involved teens reported that they tend to behave more aggressively (3 times per week) than artistic activity engaged students (1-2 times per week). Moreover, significant differences were obtained when indicating the most common conflict reasons: respondents engaged in art activities more often argue with their parents, while those engaged in sports activities with teachers (p<0,05); also, when assessing the sport impact on expression of aggression, athletes argued that sports had an impact, while respondents engaged in art activities hold the opposite opinion. [From the publication]

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