Kultūros centras ir jo funkcijų realizavimo galimybės bendruomenėje

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Kultūros centras ir jo funkcijų realizavimo galimybės bendruomenėje
Bendruomenė; Jaunimas; Kaimas; Kultūra; Kultūros centrai; Kultūros centras; Kultūros konstravimas; Lietuviai; Regionų Plėtra; Tapatybė.
Community; Construction of culture; Cultural agents; Cultural center; Culture; Identity; Lithuanians; Regional Development; Village; Youth.
Summary / Abstract:

ENAuthor analyzed the activities of the cultural centres in the regions of Lithuania. However, their work restricts itself to the organization of amateurish artistic activity in terms of both the law and practice. The communities are being created. However, their reladons with the cultural centres are very limited. The surveys (i.e. conversations, questionnaires) that were conducted in four districts showed that the conception of a community activity producing results has not been formulated in the republic yet. The law of culture has not only to regulate the activity of cultural workers and centres in the country but also to help to look for the ways of communication between cultural workers and local community in the course of realizing regional programmes. Country community feels forgotten by the institutions that, in fact, ought to form their sociocultural environment (LR public organizations of concerts, other public cultural institutions, the councils of local governments, the councils of cultural centres, etc.). There is an apparent lack of the specialists who would understand what the public work really is, namely, public men. It is a frequent occurrence when the opinion of community members and citizens is not considered at all.The cultural centres should not be an institution for entirely amateur art collectives. They should join with the local people in order to form the conception of the community and cultural centres. They should know the real mission and the strategy of their activity when seeking for the realization of the regulations of harmonious development in order to maintain the space a citizen needs and to improve the sociocultural activity of the community members. The functions of the country community should be realized by means of technological equipment for the centres as well. They should be realized by raising the possibilities of fully informing the community, by developing the evolution of amateurish art collectivesn and also by developing the educational programmes in the cultural community centre. It would be specialists and professionals who would be working productively by following advanced methodology in this centre.

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