Studentų požiūris į elgetaujančius žmones

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Studentų požiūris į elgetaujančius žmones
Alternative Title:
Students' point of view to beggary
In the Book:
Elgetos; Socialinė atskirtis; Studentų vertinimai.
Beggars; Social exclusion; Student assessment; Student evaluations; Students' perceptions.
Summary / Abstract:

ENNowadays social exclusion and beggary have become more actual discourse. There are analysed the historical development of poverty, social determination of beggary and Kaunas University of Technology students' point of view to the beggars and their style of life. Although poverty can be characterized from the different perspectives, one of them is social exclusion. It is a preposition of beggary. Because of this reason we should investigate social reasons of poverty and beggary and try to solve those enlarging problems It is important to investigate society's point of view to this phenomenon The pilot investigation of students’ viewpoint pointed out some differences depending on their future speciality. Although the future social educators have appeared to be more tolerant to beggars in comparison with students of business administration we can't confirm that it is a rule This investigation presents an illustration of a differentiation of viewpoints to socially excluded people, or beggars. [From the publication]

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