Žemaičių vyskupijos istorija ir paveldas : Žemaičių vyskupijos istorija, 2013 m. gegužės 24 d. - spalio 27 d. ; Žemaičių krikšto ženklai, 2013 m. gruodžio 5 d. - 2014 m. kovo 3 d. : parodų knyga

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Knyga / Book
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Žemaičių vyskupijos istorija ir paveldas: Žemaičių vyskupijos istorija, 2013 m. gegužės 24 d. - spalio 27 d. ; Žemaičių krikšto ženklai, 2013 m. gruodžio 5 d. - 2014 m. kovo 3 d. : parodų knyga
  • Birškytė-Klimienė, Lijana, sudarymas [com]
  • Streikuvienė, Diana, sudarymas [com]
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Vilnius : Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus, 2015.
439 p
Bibliografija ir rodyklės.
krikščionybė Žemaitijoje; katalikų bažnyčia; Žemaitijos vyskupystė; kultūros paveldas; istoriniai duomenys; ikonografiniai duomenys; laidojimo papročiai; religinės bendruomenės; piligrimystės centrai.
Christianity in Samogitia; the Catholic Church; Samogitian Diocese; cultural heritage; historical material; iconographic material; Funerary Customs; religious communities; centres of pilgrimage.
Summary / Abstract:

LTLietuvos nacionalinis muziejus, bendradarbiaudamas su Telšių vyskupija, 2013 ir 2014 metais surengė dvi parodas: „Žemaičių vyskupijos istorija“ ir „Žemaičių krikšto ženklai“, skirtas Žemaičių krikšto 600 metų sukakčiai paminėti. Jų pagrindu parengta ši knyga, papildyta gausia minėtose parodose neeksponuota ir daugeliu atvejų neskelbta istorine, ikonografine medžiaga, surinkta iš Lietuvos muziejų, archyvų ir bažnyčių, atskleidžia įdomią ir mažai pažįstamą Žemaičių vyskupijos praeitį. Knyga sudaryta iš dviejų dalių: pirmojoje Žemaičių vyskupija apibūdinama instituciniu aspektu, o antrojoje pristatomos katalikiško gyvenimo Žemaitijoje įvairių laikotarpių tradicijos ir praktikos. Leidinys skiriamas plačiam skaitytojų ratui – ne tik skirtingų humanitarinių sričių specialistams, bet ir visiems besidomintiems krašto istorija, kultūros paveldu.

ENThe National Museum of Lithuania in cooperation with the Telšiai diocese staged I two exhibitions - "History of the Samogitian Diocese" and "Symbols of the Christianisation of Samogitia" - devoted to commemorate the 600t h anniversary of the Christianisation of Samogitia, in 2013 and 2014. Compiled on the basis of these exhibitions, the book "History and Heritage of the Samogitian Diocese", supplemented with abundant historical and iconographic material collected in Lithuanian museums, archives and churches, which was not displayed in the exhibitions and in many cases remains unpublished, reveals the interesting and little familiar past of the Samogitian diocese. In the book, the history of the route of Christianity in Samogitia (today, Žemaitija, the western region of Lithuania) is told through images - historical and iconographic sources that help to put together the images into a general picture like tiles of a mosaic. However, this picture is not always clear: due to the devastating wars and occupations, a considerable part of the country's cultural heritage, particularly from the early period, has been irretrievably lost; besides, the surviving treasures have received little to none research attention. While preparing the exhibitions and the publication, a significant challenge had to be resolved - since a study generalising the history of the Samogitian diocese that was in existence from 1413 to 1926 has not been written yet, the introductory article professionally written by dr. Liudas Jovaiša, thematic entries of the chapters, annotations of historical sources and biographies of personalities should provide more consistent information about the administration of the diocese and the changes that it underwent. The publication is aimed at a wide circle of readers, not only specialists in different fields of the humanities, but also everyone interested in the history and cultural heritage of Samogitia.In selecting the iconographic material, the authors sought to find the earliest and unknown or little known examples and presented them in the chronological order. For example, for the first time the readers have a possibility to see unique unpublished images of diocesan churches photographed by Adomas Daukša in the early 20t h century, newly restored documents from the collection of parchments of the Kaunas Archdiocese Curia, and in the chapters "Cathedrals" and "Funerary Customs" - archaeological finds testifying to the early history of society's Christianisation. The book consists of two parts. In the first part, the diocese is presented in the institutional aspect, and in the second one, the day-to-day realities of Catholicism in different periods are reconstructed. The first part includes the entire surviving gallery of portraits of Samogitian bishops, bishops' regalia, publications reflecting pastors' works, as well as documents and books from private libraries, and the changes of the diocesan institution and territory are illustrated with maps and photographs. In the second part of the book, the steps of the establishment of Christian faith in Samogitia are demonstrated, and the contribution of various religious communities - monastic orders, fraternities and societies - to the strengthening of piety is revealed. The readers will also get to know the major centres of pilgrimage in Samogitia, which have retained their status until today, and those whose once famous cult objects went into oblivion. [From the publication]

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