Socialinis teisingumas Lietuvos mokyklose: grindžiamosios teorijos pagrindu

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Socialinis teisingumas Lietuvos mokyklose: grindžiamosios teorijos pagrindu
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Social justice in Lithuanian schools: aspects of the grounding theory
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Acta paedagogica Vilnensia. 2014, t. 32, p. 133-146
Klasikinė grindžiamoji teorija; Socialinis teisingumas; Mokykla; Suvokimas; Rūpestis.
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EN[...] The goal of the paper is to find out how social justice is perceived in Lithuanian schools and to discuss a specific theory, based on the experiences of schools. Therefore, based on the classical approach to the grounding theory, this article explores how school administrators, teachers, students, parents, and other school personnel perceive and experience social justice in Lithuanian schools. Based on the data of this study, authentic experiences of the study participants are discussed. The major social issues experienced in schools are disclosed and the “harrowing collision” theory is briefly explained, which allows moving away from the definition of social justice presented in the conventional literature. Finally, it is stated that the concept of social justice is too abstract and does not have a well-established definition which would be self-explanatory and recognized not only in schools, but also in other fields. Therefore, it is constantly interpreted and appended to match the expectations of the people in question. In such a situation, the participants of the study accept the fact that their perceived sense of justice is impossible and instead try to conform to a “superficial social justice” which manifests itself in the context of a lack of general social justice in schools.The diversity of the participants becomes an indicator for the “superficial justice” and an important developmental factor when some participants experience such justice more than others. The “harrowing collision” theory is put forth by the experience of such school community members. It has revealed the field of illusion in social justice (social justice in schools, which is based on the principals of tolerance and equality), the harrowing collision field (which is always a consequence of the search for an illusionary justice field), processes of maneuver and position-oriented openness were determined, which explain the concern of the absence of general social justice in schools. The maneuver subcategory is a consequence of superficial general social justice which unfolds inthe context of attack and retreat. Position-oriented openness as a condition during lack of general social justice lies in the context of every participant’s held strengths, knowledge, and attitude. Therefore, position-oriented openness should help with the main concern-the lack of general social justice in schools. On the one hand, all participants suffer from the lack of general social justice; on the other, they are not socially just towards one another. All the more, all of these tendencies unfold in the context of overall interactions and changes as one category affects the others. [From the publication]

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