Meilė Lukšienė apie mokytojo asmenybę

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Meilė Lukšienė apie mokytojo asmenybę
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Meilė Lukšienė on teacher's personality
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Pedagogika. 2013, 112, p. 11-15
Asmenybė; Mokytojas; Švietimas.
Personal; Teacher; Education.
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LTMeilės Lukšienės darbuose nemažai dėmesio skiriama mokytojo asmenybei. Mokslininkės pedagoginės idėjos, aptariant mokytojo asmenybės svarbą, analizuojamos švietimo sistemos kaitos kontekste. Meilės Lukšienės atskleistų idėjų šiuolaikiškumas ir aktualumas yra šio amžiaus švietimo strategijos pagrindas. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe works by Meilė Lukšienė focus on various problems of education. The majority of them were connected by the issues related to the teacher's personality, which received a considerable attention from M. Lukšienė in her insights. The article makes an attempt to highlight the insights of Meilė Lukšienė into the teacher's personality in the context of contemporary education. The object of the research: the teacher's personality. The methods of the research: systemic-analytical, comparative analysis. The origins of considerations regarding teacher's personality and education quality may be observed in the diary of ten-year old M. Lukšienė, where she expressed her attitudes towards quality of learning. Analytical and critical thinking was characteristic of M. Lukšienė as early as her childhood. Referring to the teacher, she would emphasise the role of the teacher to shaping of learner's personality, would stress the teacher's authority, point to creativity as to a real wellspring of development of teacher's creative powers, would discuss teacher's relations with learners and highlight fairness and self-criticism. Being a child M. Lukšienė lived surrounded by creative environment, which had been created by her mom. M. Lukšienė determined education of her mom as creative education through experience considerably emphasising the importance of experience nurtured by her mom.The contemporary nature and topicality of ideas revealed in the works by Meilė Lukšienė serve as basis for education strategy in the 21st century. The State Progress Strategy "Lithuania 2030" highlights the key values in the vision of Lithuania which include openness, creativity and responsibility and are value-based foundations of M. Lukšienės ideas. The compatative analysis showed that in the works by M. Lukšienė, in the State Progress Strategy "Lithuania 2030" and in the National Education Strategy cteativity as well as creative and reflective teachers are highlighted. Cultural awareness stressed in the National Education Strategy is also discussed in M. Lukšienė's works, where she allocates considerable attention to high cultural level, relation between an individual and culture, the importance of continuation and nurturance of national culture and that of humankind. The problems of teacher personality analysed by M. Lukšienė for many years and ideas of sttengthening of efficient education nurtured by her create preconditions for the successful, meaningful and creative becoming of the educational process. The teacher is the personality, who is firstly concerned about shaping of an individual, whereas the selfcreation of a teacher becomes the core of culture. Therefore, a teacher, who is well aware of processes of personality and culture, has to strive for "the most successful interaction, which facilitates revelation of an individual and culture through the supreme values" between the two subjects. [From the publication]

1392-0340; 2029-0551
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