Egodokumentai Lietuvos mokslų akademijos Vrublevskių bibliotekos rankraščių fonduose

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Egodokumentai Lietuvos mokslų akademijos Vrublevskių bibliotekos rankraščių fonduose
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Egodocuments in the manuscript holdings of the Wroblewski library of the Lithuanian academy of sciences
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Atsiminimai. Biografijos / Memories. Biographies; Bibliotekos / Libraries; Istorija (mokslas) / History science; Epistoliarinė literatūra / Epistolary literature; Rankraščiai / Manuscripts.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Albumas; Atsiminimai; Autobiografija; Dienoraštis; Egodokumentai; Egodokumentas; Istorija; Laiškai; Lietuvos literatūra; Lietuvos mokslų akademijos Vrublevskių biblioteka (LMA Vrublevskių biblioteka; LMAVB; Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences); Rankraštis; Memoirs; Album; Autobiography; Diary; Egodocuments; Egodocuments; History; Letter; Lithuanian Academy of Sciences of the Wroblewski Library; Lithuanian literature; Manuscript.

ENMore and more often a family’s or kin history and its influence on all branches of state’s vitality are being analyzed in order to research Lithuania’s history. The history of everyday life is also being taken into account. The main sources for the research are egodocuments, which help to more comprehensively reveal the most important occurrences and processes of various epochs, the connections and relationships of the society. This gives to the historical narrative some completeness and colourfulness. Some of the manuscripts, held in the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (later on – WBLAS), have also been examined and are being prepared for publication at the moment. Yet the majority of them are still waiting for their researchers. The aim of this article is to analyze the egodocuments, held in the archives of the WBLAS, in typological, chronological, linguistic and other aspects. In this research, the definition „egodocument“ is being used in the narrow sense of the word, its synonym being „a personal document“. To reach the aim of the article in the egodocumentary aspect, the archives of manuscripts, preserved by WBLAS, were analyzed. Also, the history of the archive’s collecting, documents’ management and search system is examined. The typology, chronology, manuscripts’ (inner) content and outer changes of the egodocuments are analyzed by utilizing particular archival documents. After examining a portion of the fund’s content, held in the Manuscript Department in WBLAS, a conclusion was drawn, that it is one of the largest archives in Lithuania, where this sort of documents is held.The constant and purposeful accumulating of personal archives since the ending of the 19th century is the main condition for their concentration and preservation in the Library. The chronological boundary of the formed accumulation is 17th-21th centuries. The texts of the manuscripts tell about the greater part of country’s historical events and the persons, who dwelled in it. The majority of the documents are written in Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and French. The egodocuments, held in the Library, might be (and often already are) considered as a source for research of mentality and transmission of cultural values history, as well as every day life’s history and language. [From the publication]

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