Vadybininko kompetencijos vertinimas komunikavimo ir konfliktų sprendimo sferoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Vadybininko kompetencijos vertinimas komunikavimo ir konfliktų sprendimo sferoje
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Assessment of manager competence in the sphere of communication and conflict solving
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2006, Nr. 1 (8), p. 19-23
Kompetencijos / Competencies; Komunikacija / Communication.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama vadybininkų komunikacine kompetencija ir komunikaciniai gebėjimai, komunikacinės kompetencijos svarba, struktūra ir formavimo būdai. Įvertinamas komunikacinės kompetencijos lygis, bei jos reikšmė dalykiniams santykiams. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Kompetencija; Komunikaciniai gebėjimai; Komunikacinė kompetencija; Organizacinė kompetencija; Communication competence; Communication skills; Communicative competence; Communicative skils; Competence; Organizational competence.

ENThe article analyses the influence of emotional intelligence on communication competence, its structure and factors affecting the competence. The article describes a study of the communicational competence of managers and conflict solving problems which was carried out with the object to value communication competence and factors affecting the competence. Method of testing consisted of three subtests designed for evaluation of the skills, which are part of structure of the communication competence of the manager relations, awareness, communication and control in difficult situations. 86 managers were involved in the study. Results of the study allow making conclusion that most managers have to consider further development of their skills forming communicational competence. [From the publication]

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