Lietuvos privalomojo sveikatos draudimo sistemos finansavimo įvertinimas

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Lietuvos privalomojo sveikatos draudimo sistemos finansavimo įvertinimas
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Assessment of financing the system of Lithuanian compulsory health insurance
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Vagos. 2007, nr. 74 (27), p. 73-80
Finansavimas; Privalomojo sveikatos draudimo sistema; Vertinimo metodika.
Evaluation methodology; Financing; System of compulsory health insurance.
Summary / Abstract:

LTLietuvoje privalomojo sveikatos draudimo sistema egzistuoja jau daugiau kaip dešimt metų, tačiau per šį laikotarpį neišspręstos pagrindines sveikatos draudimo sistemos problemos - nors sveikatos draudimo reforma tęsiasi iki šiol. tačiau šalies gyventojai, medicinos darbuotojai nepatenkinti sveikatos draudimo sistemos finansavimo mechanizmu. Daugybę problemų sukelia didėjančios Privalomojo sveikatos draudimo fondo biudžeto išlaidos ir deficitinis biudžetas. Straipsnyje nagrinėjamas Lietuvos privalomojo sveikatos draudimo sistemos finansavimas Pagal pateiktą sveikatos draudimo sistemos finansavimo vertinimo metodiką įvertintas Lietuvos sveikatos draudimo finansavimo lygis, nustatyti pagrindiniai finansavimo sunkumai, pasiūlytos finansavimo tobulinimo galimybės. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe research shows the strengths and weaknesses of Lithuanian Compulsory Health Insurance system, helps to evaluate the appropriateness of the present model applied to the health insurance system and to decide upon the choice of strategy. The analysis shows that financial means for Compulsory Health Insurance system are not sufficient, therefore it is recommended to increase the amount of money for health system until Lithuania reaches the average of financial means for health system in the EU countries, i.e. 5.8 % of GDP The analysis of revenue and expenses of Lithuanian Health Insurance Fund shows that the variation of revenue and expenses is influenced by economic, social and demographic factors. The influence of these factors is combined therefore they may not be treated separately The change of revenue is mostly influenced by the average salary, the number of employed people and the amount of payment given for one insured person. Whereas expenses are mostly influenced by morbidity rate and the data of hospitalization. The following ways of improving financing of Lithuanian Compulsory Health Insurance system are recommended: to allot more state financial means for health insurance, to strengthen the administration of health insurance payments, to reduce administrative expenses of Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, to change the system of compensation in medicine, to improve and show the evidence of the usefulness acquiring new equipment and to reduce die expenses on health while privatizing medical services. [From the publication]

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