Viešasis administravimas: pokyčiai, modernizavimo tendencijos

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Viešasis administravimas: pokyčiai, modernizavimo tendencijos
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Public administration: changes, modernisation tendences
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2001, Nr. 2 (15), p. 47-58
Demokratinės vertybės; Naujasis viešasis administravimas; Naujoji viešoji vadyba; Piliečių dalyvavimas; Socialiniai pokyčiai; Viešasis administravimas; Viešojo sektoriaus modernizavimas; Visuotinė kokybės vadyba.
Democratic values; New public administration; New public management; Public administration; Public participating; Public sector modernisation; Social changes; Total quality management.
Summary / Abstract:

LTViešasis administravimas šiandien tampa vis sudėtingesne veiklos sistema, kuri daro įtaką dideliai daliai visuomenės. Viešojo sektoriaus funkcijų ir institucijų skaičiaus augimas, biurokratijos veiklos modernizavimas yra vienas žymiausių paskutinių dešimtmečių socialinių fenomenų, tapusių mokslininkų ir praktikų diskusijų objektu. [Iš leidinio]

ENPublic administration may by defined as all processes, organizations, and individuals associated with carrying out laws and other rules adapted or issued by legislatures, executives, and courts. This definition does not limit the participants in public administration to administrative personell, or even to people in government. It can and does refer to a varied assortment of individuals and groups with an interests in the consequences of administralive actions. The social setting of public administration, like the context of values, has both direct and indirect impact and changes in the setting, like changes in values, carry with them potentially far reatching implications. Several societal changes during the past fitty years like de-mographical, economical, technological etc., have been of particular importance in shaping contemporary public administration. In addition to adapting to changing trends in political and economic thought, public administration has also had to respond to rapid social changes. Democratic government and public administration modernisation presumes equality, majority rule, participation and accountability. The meanings of those values have changed ones time, and have been significantly expanded in recent decades. Major dimensions of modem democratic administration include citizen participation, bureaucratic representativeness, administrative effectiveness. [From the publication]

1392-3137; 2351-6569
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