"Šiaulių dienos 775" renginių kokybės vertinimas gyventojų nuomonės kontekste

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Straipsnis / Article
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"Šiaulių dienos 775" renginių kokybės vertinimas gyventojų nuomonės kontekste
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Assessment of the quality of the events of "Šiauliai City Days 775” within the context of the population opinion
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Reikšminiai žodžiai: Gyventojų nuomonė; Kokybės vertinimas; Kokybės vertinimo kriterijai; Renginiai; SERVQUAL; SERVQUAL kokybės vertinimo modelis; Šiauliai; Citizens opinion; Criteria for quality estimation; Events; Public opinion; Quality assessment; SERVQUAL; SERVQUAL quality estimation model; Siauliai.
Gyventojų nuomonė; Kokybė / Quality; Renginiai; SERVQUAL; SERVQUAL kokybės vertinimo modelis.
Citizens opinion; Criteria for quality estimation; Events; Public opinion; Quality assessment; SERVQUAL quality estimation model; Siauliai.
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LTKultūros renginiai gali būti puiki proga susieti kultūros ir verslo sektorius su pilietine visuomene ir sukurti nauja, patrauklų miesto identitetą ar įvaizdį. Miesto savivaldybės organizuojami renginiai ne tik suteikia naudos miestui, bet kiekviena sritis ir dalyvis yra pakankamai skatinami augti ir siekti savų tikslų. Siekiant pagerinti renginių kokybe, reikia išanalizuoti, kaip ji yra vertinama to miesto gyventojų. Pasitelkus anketinę apklausą buvo atliktas tyrimas, kuris atskleidė svarbiausius kokybės vertinimo kriterijus tiriant gyventojų nuomonę. Jis buvo atliktas pagal SRRVQUAL kokybės vertinimo modelį, kuriuo remiantis buvo galima įvertinti „Šiaulių dienos 775“ renginių kokybę renginio dalyvių nuomonių kontekste. Straipsnio pabaigoje pateikiamos išvados ir rekomendacijos. [Iš leidinio]

ENCultural events may be a perfect occasion to relate cultural and business sectors with a civil society, striving to create a new, attractive identity and image of the city. Events organised by the municipality of the city not only give some benefit to the city, but also every area and actor is encouraged sufficiently to grow and pursue their targets. In order to achieve the best possible results of the city festival in future, to improve the quality of events it is necessary to ascertain the opinion of the participants thereof, to investigate the analysis of the quality of the festival in the background of the population opinion. The present research is focused to a problem issue – how do participants assess the quality of the events of the city festivity? Having performed a questionnaire survey, in which the participants of events assessed the quality of the events of the festival Šiauliai City Days, it was established that the most part of respondents assessed the quality of the events as good. According to SERVQUAL quality criteria, the following assessments of the event quality were received. Tangibility. The quality of the technical part was assessed as good by all groups of respondents, only the most part of pedagogues assessed it as satisfactory. The information about the festivity is available not only to the residents of the city, but also to the visitors of the city. They get more information about the festivity from advertisements in the city, press and social networks. Thus we may state that good strategies were selected to publicise the event. More than one half of the respondents considered the quality of the whole programme of the event as good, only a small part of respondents assessed negatively the quality of the programme.Reliability. Unfortunately, the organisers of "Šiauliai City Days" are known only to a small amount of respondents, notwithstanding that the majority was satisfied with their work. The fact that the event is organised annually compensates the reliability of organisers in the respect of the participants of the event, but not their names. We may be glad that in the opinion of the participants of the festival, the quality of the events improves. Organisers attract the participants of various ages renewing the programme of events. It became clear that the respondents lacked events designated to their age groups. Reaction. Almost all respondents have not ever expressed any claims against the organisers of the event. The safety of the event was satisfactory. The most of the respondents, both men and women, felt themselves safe in the festival. Sensitiveness. All groups usually attended the festival with the purpose to spend their time, to watch concerts. Such conditions are given by the organisers. It was ascertained that all age groups were mostly stimulated to participate in the events by their favourite group/performer giving a concert; young people were attracted by various actions and competitions. Empathy. Generalising the opinions of all respondents it may be highlighted that they lacked the most popular performers in the events of the festivity "Šiauliai City Days", the engagement of participants into the festival, integrity of events and their spaces, events had to be more associated with the exclusivity of Šiauliai City. Having considered all age groups of the respondents, it became clear that they mostly needed mass events, performances exhibitions educative events to young people, the events of ethnic nature to older people. [From the publication]

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