Tiesos kaukės Juozo Grušo kūryboje

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Tiesos kaukės Juozo Grušo kūryboje
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Masks of truth in Juozas Grušas' works
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Beprotybė; Biblija; Drama; Dramaturgija; Juozas Grušas; Juozo Grušo kūryba; Proza; Tiesos kaukės; Tiesos manifestacijos.
Byble; Drama; Dramaturgy; Juozas Grušas; Juozas Grušas creation; Madness; Manifestations of truth; Masks of truth; Prose.
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ENThe article concentrates on the manifestations of truth in Juozas Grušas' works and characters that are entrusted with the telling of truth. It is pointed out that quotations from the Bible and references to the sacred correlate with the isotope of the search for truth. The concepts of truth and spirit are used as contextual synonyms. The most frequent mask of truth (the metaphoric term corresponds with the theatrical archetype) is a mad person. Madness signifies the truth of the heart embodied by Don-Quixote type of characters as well as saint mad women and opposes rationality and pragmatism at the same time. In cases where truth is presented as the voice of reason, the announcer of truth consciously opts for the joker's mask. This conception is realised in the works that refer to the realities of the Soviet period by way of Aesopian language. Grušas' reflections on the purpose of art reveal his radical attitude: next to proclaiming truth, art should exercise it, otherwise it becomes meaningless and absurd as a joke. At the end of the article the whole of Grušas' output is interpreted as a mask of truth; his literary heritage testifies to the uncompromising standpoint of the writer and truth seeker, due to which Grušas remains a moral authority. [From the publication]

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