Nacionalinės kriminologinės informacinės sistemos modelio problemos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Nacionalinės kriminologinės informacinės sistemos modelio problemos
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Problems of the national criminological information system model
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Jurisprudencija [Jurisprudence]. 2001, Nr. 20 (12), p. 99-106
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LTStraipsnyje pristatoma nacionalinė kriminologinė informacinė sistema (toliau - NKIS), sukurta Nusikalstamumo prevencijos Lietuvoje centre (toliau -NPLC) ir veikianti jo tinklalapyje, kurio internetinis adresas yra Suformuluoti pagrindiniai NKIS principai, pateiktas NKIS modelis, kurio struktūra ir funkcijos pagristos tipiniais kriminologinės analizės bei prevencijos subjektų poreikiais, Lietuvos ypatybėmis, išsivysčiusių šalių nusikalstamumo prevencijos struktūrų patirtimi. Trumpai apžvelgiamos kriminologinės ir informacinės problemos Lietuvoje, NKIS kūrimo istorija, dabartis ir raidos kryptys, aprašomi veikiantys NKIS komponentai. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article presents the National Criminological Information System (NCIS), its model, history, present condition and developing perspectives in the future. The Information System has been started to be created in 1998. At present NCIS is functioning in the Lithuanian and English languages on Web site of the Centre for Crime Prevention in Lithuania ( Following NCIS components are functioning: 1.ASIS - the Automated Statistical Information System affords the possibility for the users to select the necessary criminological indicators on the Internet, indicating the territory, institution, period and data periodicity, to reflect the collected data on the computer screen in the form of a table, linear diagram, histogram or map and to transfer the results obtained to their own text documents or to analyze using the specialized statistical packages. The ASIS accumulates and provides data received from the General Prosecutor's Office, the Prison Department, the Department of Courts, the Police Department, the Department of Statistics, and the Information Technology and Communications Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 2. Criminological statistics - structural statistical information related to criminality: Crimes; Offenders; Victims; Activity of the Institutions of Law and Order; Social, Economic and Demographic Statistics; Crime Prevention; Statistical Reports.The component presents numerical tables, graphical diagrams, reflecting changes of separate indicators, data files that can be forwarded to one's own computer, etc. 3.Events - information about the future and past events related to criminality and the problems of its prevention (scientific conferences to be organized in the short-term, their programmes - agendas, texts of reports and resolutions adopted, etc.). 4.Criminological literature - a criminological reference index, crime prevention programmes, main legal acts, criminological research reports, scientific articles, presentation of books on criminology, full text of the boob, etc. 'Links - a list of links to Web sites of various countries, structured according to topics. [Text from author]

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