Savanoriškos veiklos indėlio ekonominis vertinimas Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Savanoriškos veiklos indėlio ekonominis vertinimas Lietuvoje
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Economic value of volunteering in Lithuania
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Taikomoji ekonomika: sisteminiai tyrimai [Applied economics: systematic research]. 2012, t. 6, Nr. 1, p. 61-72
Socialinis ugdymas / Social education.
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LTStraipsnio tikslas yra įvertinti savanoriškos veiklos indėlį į Lietuvos BVP. Toks vertinimas Lietuvoje atliekamas pirmą kartą. Savanoriškos veiklos indėliui įvertinti naudotas atkuriamosios vertės metodas. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Atkuriamosios vertės metodas; Indėlis į BVP; Savanoriška veikla; Cost replacement approach; Input to GDP; Volunteering.

ENThe aim is to evaluate the economic value of volunteering for GDP in Lithuania in 2010. Researches on the volunteering are very limited in Lithuania. The economic value of volunteer work was not analysed at all. Political interest in this area was shown in 2011 being the International Y ear of volunteers. The main aim of this article is to measure the economic value of volunteer work in Lithuania. The authors used a cost replacement approach and the Manual on the measurement of volunteer work presented by the International Labour Organization. The first point of research was to analyse all the data necessary for the measurement. Lithuanian national account system (Statistics Lithuania) does not include the data on volunteer work, but only the data on labour force. It is evident that the recommendation given by the International Labour Organization to collect the data on volunteer work as additional to the labour force platform could be the cheapest way. But the political decision is still open to discussion. Despite the limited national official data the authors took the data from the Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission. The value of GDP and value of average wage were taken from Statistics Lithuania. The number of volunteers has been taken from Standard Eurobarometer (73). The number of hours volunteered through organizations comes from Second European Quality of Life Survey Participation volunteering and unpaid work. The main disadvantage of this study is the measurement that is based on average wage only, excluding the data in different sectors. Lack of data causes this limitation.Application of cost replacement approach shows that 339569 volunteers worked 1 213 9585 full working days, which makes 47794 full time equivalents, and financial replacement value correspond to 1 406 249 480 litas (40728000 EURO), or 1,5 % of GDP into 2010. Taking into consideration the fact that Lithuania does not have deep tradition of volunteer work through organizations, the calculated value could be interpreted as significant input to national welfare. Comparing the Lithuanian volunteer work input rate with North America, Western Europe or Far East region’ counties rates, it is evident that this input is modest. The authors support the recommendations to collect data on volunteering through national data collection system as supplementation to labour force survey given by the International Labour Organization. The authors recommend to NGO to use cost replacement approach and to calculate the economic value of volunteer work in their organisation and to present it to annual report, because economic input made by volunteers is an important evidence for politicians, NGO themselves, and as well as volunteers. [From the publication]

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