Filologinio prusinimo tendencijos technologinėje gimnazijoje : Kauno statybininkų rengimo centro atvejis

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Straipsnis / Article
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Filologinio prusinimo tendencijos technologinėje gimnazijoje: Kauno statybininkų rengimo centro atvejis
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Tendencies of philological education in a technological gymnasium: the case of Kaunas center for education of construction workers
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Socialiniai mokslai. 2001, Nr. 2 (28), p. 65-71
Filologinis prusinimas; Filologinis ugdymas; Mokytojų ir mokinių požiūris; Technologinis profilis; Technologinė gimnazija.
Attitudes of teachers and students; Philological education; Technological gymnasium; Technological profile.
Summary / Abstract:

LTŠiame straipsnyje analizuojamos moksleivių filologinio prusinimo tendencijos technologinėje gimnazijoje. Sprendžiama mokslinė problema: ar naujo tipo technologinė gimnazija suteikia moksleiviams filologinį išprusimą ir kokiomis priemonėmis tai galima pasiekti. Straipsnyje pateikiama technologinės gimnazijos samprata ir filologinio prusinimo vieta bendrame mokomųjų dalykų kontekste. Pateiktos Kauno statybininkų rengimo centro technologinės gimnazijos moksleivių ir pedagogų nuomonės, atskleistos anketavimo būdu. Gauti duomenys apibendrinti, remiantis technologinės gimnazijos nuostatais ir filologinio išprusimo kriterijais (Bankauskienė, 1999). [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article deals with the tendencies of students' philological education in a technological gymnasium. The following question is raised: can the result of educating in philology be achieved in a newly founded gymnasium of a technological profile. The aim of the article is to analyze philological education tendencies in a gymnasium of such a profile. The goals of the article are as follows: 1. To reveal peculiarities of philological education in a technological gymnasium. 2. To survey teachers' and students' attitudes towards the tendencies of a philological profile. The object of the research is the tendencies of educating in philology in a technological gymnasium. The research carried out enables drawing the following conclusions: A new quality is being created in the system of vocational education and training which is implemented by technological gymnasiums which distinguish themselves as the ones answering the needs of the educational content of the information society and being the institutions where the tendencies of educating in philology can be noticed. Most teachers involved in the research approve of the opinion that it is important to educate students philologically in a technological gymnasium; they think that conditions for this are created and the tendencies for the development of philological education become imminent in such type of schools.Technological gymnasium students involved in the research realize the requirements for an educated personality and they are able to identify themselves in the field of philological education. However, having finished the basic school, they are equipped only with some elements of philological education. Taking into account seven criteria of educating in philology on the basis of the native language which have been presented in the article, pupils emphasize five criteria which highlight the tendencies of educating in philology in a gymnasium of a technological profile. [Text from author]

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