Prekybos tinklo strategijos ir jų įgyvendinimo praktikoje metodai

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Prekybos tinklo strategijos ir jų įgyvendinimo praktikoje metodai
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Strategies of the trade nets and their practical application methods
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Tiltai. Priedas. 2002, Nr. 10, p. 252-257
Konkurencija; Organizuotas pirkimas; Prekybos tinklai; Strategija,prekybos tinklo strategija, kainodaros strategija.
Competition; Organized purchasing; Strategy, strategy of the trade net, price strategy; Trade nets.
Summary / Abstract:

ENBy choosing centralized or decentralized organization of the purchasing, trade nets have to choose either economy of the production scale, qualified organized purchasing and compact image, or flexible reaction to the conditions of the local market, needs of the customers and high morals because of the autonomy of the net's branches. In our opinion, taking into account character of the competition in the retail consumer goods market, it is very important for the trade nets to ensure low prices because of economy of the production scale and to keep compact image, therefore we think, that trade nets should organize centralized purchasing of the goods. Basing on the results of by us made literature research we can affirm, that price strategy is important part of the companies competition strategy, which influences companies competition market position.The most used alternatives of the price strategies in the retail purchasing institutions are: on the costs based price strategy, on the demand based price strategy and on the competition based price strategy- Because most important demand for the distribution channel of the consumer goods is to purchase desirable quantity of good quality product by for customer acceptable price and for customer acceptable time Therefore we can well founded affirm, that retail company after attentive analyze of the needs of concrete objective market segment and demands of the other channel members for the distribution channel can keep balance between them by active and purposeful activity and so she can rise it's influential position in the goods distribution channel with respect to the other channel members. [text from author]

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