Organizacijos identiteto valdymas organizacijų jungimosi metu

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Straipsnis / Article
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Organizacijos identiteto valdymas organizacijų jungimosi metu
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Corporate identity management in case of mergers
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Inžinerinė ekonomika [Engineering Economics]. 2002, Nr. 4 (30), p. 72-78
Identiteto valdymas; Organizacijos identitetas; Organizacijos identiteto valdymas, organizacijos ryšių sistema, organizacijų jungimasis; Organizacijos ryšių sistema; Organizacijų jungimasis.
Corporate communication system; Corporate identity; Corporate identity management; Corporate identity management, corporate communication, Mergers; Corporate mergers.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamos organizacijų institucinio identiteto valdymo problemos įmonėms jungiantis. Teorinės organizacijos identiteto, organizacijos ryšių sistemos jų valdymo sunkumai bei organizacijų identiteto problemos jungimosi metu iliustruojamos kelių Lietuvos įmonių identiteto tyrimais. Straipsnyje siūloma metodika efektyviam įmonių jungimuisi užtikrinti organizacijų identiteto ir organizacijos ryšių atžvilgiu bei diskutuojami pagrindiniai praktiniai Lietuvos įmonių identiteto valdymo keblumai. [Iš leidinio]

ENThis article aims to describe the main issues and experience of corporate identity management in case of mergers. The main theoretical issues of corporate identity management and corporate communications are followed by discussion on problems and possible trappings of efficient corporate identity management in case of mergers. This discussion is also based on empirical research on corporate identity management in some Lithuanian companies aiming to derive operational measures of new corporate identity management. The emphasis is also put on corporate communications components like marketing communication, and especially, on management communication and organization communication issues that are widely ignored in Lithuanian companies. The methodology is then discussed in order to assure the efficient merger process based on corporate identity, corporate communications and new corporate identity creation. New corporate identity management model is based on Albert and Whettec criteria for corporate identity - claimed central character, distinctiveness and temporal continuity of corporate identity, the process of determination of major target groups and stakeholders and their identification with new organization, evaluation of corporate culture, creation of new and strong visual identity and graphic design. Financial strength and strategic long-term objectives are also discussed as a guarantee of efficient merger process. [From the publication]

1392-2785; 2029-5839
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