Вількеры гарадскіх абшчын Вялікага Княства Літоўскага ў XVI ст.

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Straipsnis / Article
Baltarusių kalba / Belarusian
Вількеры гарадскіх абшчын Вялікага Княства Літоўскага ў XVI ст
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Willkür like urban communities in Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 16th century
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Studia historica Europae orientalis. 2011, 4, p. 175-191, 336, 340-341
Belskas; Krinkai; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė (Lietuva; LDK; Grand Duchy of Lithuania; GDL); Miestai ir miesteliai / Cities and towns; Miestiečiai / Burgers; Miestų bendruomenės; Minskas; Mogiliavas ( Mahiliov, Mogiliov); Potvarkiai; Savivalda; Vilkerai.
Belsk; Decrees; Krynky; Mogilev; Selfgovernment; Townpeople; Towns; Urban communities.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe author of the article analyzes decrees of urban communities, so called "willkür", adopted by the bourgeois in the different cities of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 16th century. The article reflects the provisions of Magdeburg law (expounded by the Polish legal practitioners of the 16th century), which reflects the issues of "willkür" content and admission. Specific examples of "willkür" in the cities of Vilnius, Belsk, Krynky, Mogilev and Minsk are presented in the article. The certain part of these "willkür" was complex. The questions of the structure and the order of the cities' authority formation, as well as the issues of urban incomes, taxes, improvement, defense and others were managed by "willkür". The part of the regulations concerned distinct issues: the delimitation of the municipal courts scope, pricing, taxes on incidental expenses, etc. [text from author]

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