Regionų energetikos plėtros strategijos formavimo problemos Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Regionų energetikos plėtros strategijos formavimo problemos Lietuvoje
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Problems of formation regional energy strategy in Lithuania
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2001, Nr. 20, p. 109-120
Regionai; Energetika.
Regions; Energy.
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LTStraipsnio tikslas - pateikti bendrus regionų energetikos plėtros orientyrus. Pagrindinis dėmesys yra skiriamas energetikos valdymo klausimų integravimui į regionų planavimo dokumentus. Pateiktos regionų energetikos programų formavimo gairės. Apibrėžta regionų raidos programų vieta bendroje energetikos investicinės politikos sistemoje. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe report is dedicated to the presentation of the general framework of regional energy planning activities. The objective is to provide information on the international context, in which regional energy policy instruments have to operate and which has to be taken into consideration when compiling energy development measures for regional development and structural funds. The major issue of ihc publication is forbore perspective of the formation methodology for energy management integration into development of regions planning documents. The main content of this publication is to make a brief overview of what are the prospects of regional energy development. At present European Union's financial support includes three structural pre-accession initiatives (PHARE, Social and Economic Cohesion, initiative, 1SPA and SAPARD). The main dimension of the paper is the process of Lithuania's preparation for the European Union's structural funds. This is the process, which comprises the development of adequate energy planning capacities and skills, strengthening of institutions, adoption of legal mechanisms that will enable Lithuania to receive in the future European Union's financial support. Thus in theory and in practice for solutions of above problems it is vitally important to form investment optimization scheme, organizational return mechanism, which would permit to apply the method of integrated resources planning in state scale as well as to implement it in practice. At present the inevitable necessity is to form towns and regions energy programs.In any case it is inevitable to define the place of towns and regions development programs and tasks in general energy investments strategy. At present those investment ranges, defined in various programs, various directions of strategic energy development in total are unrealistically high. The most important task of region energy programs is to define realistic market for various energy resources and to optimize investment, considering energy saving as alternative of energy resources and source for return of investment. The guidelines for regional energy programs are presented. They should include all energy demand and covering resources. Without doubt we could state that the variety of possibilities to cover the demand from optimal point of view looking into distant future, will form more rational National Energy strategy and National Energy Efficiency Program. [From the publication]

1392-1142; 2335-8750
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