Projektavimo paslaugų Lietuvoje įvertinimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Projektavimo paslaugų Lietuvoje įvertinimas
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Estimation of projecting services in Lithuania
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2000, Nr. 15, p. 167-180
Projektavimo paslaugos; Projektuotojai.
Building projecting services; Designers.
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LTTeorinių žinių ir užsienio projektuotojų patirties pagrindu straipsnyje pateikiami praktiniai pastatų projektavimo paslaugų aspektai, nagrinėjami šių paslaugų ypatumai Lietuvoje. Tyrimo rezultatų duomenimis formuluojamos esminės projektavimo paslaugos savybės, būdingos Lietuvos rinkoje. Norint išsaugoti objektyvumą vertinant projektavimo paslaugas, jų paketą, specializaciją, perspektyvas, galimas vystymo kryptis, pateikiami ir projektavimo paslaugų teikėjų ir šių paslaugų vartotojų tyrimo rezultatai ir šių rezultatų sugretinimas. Straipsnyje pateiktos tyrimo rezultatų išvados gali tapti rimtu pagrindu modeliuojant projektavimo paslaugų Lietuvoje perspektyvas. [Iš leidinio]

ENThere are practical aspects of Lithuania building projecting services, prepared by theoretical knowledge and foreign experience, in this article. There are formulated the main characteristics of projecting services in our country according research data and a comparison with characteristics of services in foreign countries. Conclusions of the research could become a serious foundation for modeling of perspectives of projecting services in Lithuania. Projecting service is an object for science theoretical and practical research that in Lithuania unfortunately isn't popular. But only essential investigation of this service could help to settle methods how to increase demand for them, quality of projecting service and consumption. This theme is new, because statistical data about projecting is pure and concise. There isn't any detailed information about service quality elements. Besides, there are thousands, not tens designers in Lithuania. So information, actual for a few designers, aren't common for every one of them. Scientific problem is ignorance of situation in Lithuanian projecting market. There aren't any principles for service modeling. Foreign information is not acceptable our people. Besides, it must be adopted for our designer, consumer and situation. Subject of the research - projecting services in Lithuania. Goal of this article - to estimate a projecting services in Lithuania: specialization, extension in width, characteristics of consumers and consuming specific.Research, made by us, gives such conclusions. Turnover of projecting services grows only in Lithuanian cities. Biggest designers are in Vilnius, some of them in Kaunas, Klaipėda. Designers of republic importance supplies wide, but different services' package. Interrogated firms supplies such complimentary services as consultations, authors supervision and designer's organization. The main specialization is projecting of dwellings, next - public and social purpose houses. Comparing with foreign countries, specialization is very wide. Designers work in small firms, 4 employees (abroad 5-6 employees). The basic consumers of the biggest firms, firms of services and manufacture, citizens; the smallest citizens, just small part of them are firms. Law limits activity of designers. There are requirements for co-ordination and certification of the firm, too. The most perspective is small and middle, few specializations projecting services firm that supply quality for reasonable price. Large firms does not suspect for demand of services, and strategic planning will take over specialized planning firms. Projecting services, supplied by Lithuanian designers, are not similar to West Countries, but there are good bases to improve them and to supply abroad in 10-20 or more years. [From the publication]

1392-1142; 2335-8750
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