Rusycyzmy w "Kurierze Wileńskim" (1925-1939)

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Rusycyzmy w "Kurierze Wileńskim" (1925-1939)
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Russicisms in "Kurier Wileński" (1925-1939)
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Acta Baltico-Slavica. 2010, Nr. 34, p. 121-145
Rusicizmai; Rusicizmas; Skoliniai; Skolinys; Vilnius; „Kurier Wilenski“.
Borrowing; Loan words; Russian borrowings; Russicism; Vilnius; „Kurier Wilenski“.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article occurs to be the analysis of Russicisms excerpted from "Kurier Wileński", a common known newspaper addressed to a wide group of Polish people residing in Vilnius. The daily newspaper was one of the longest revealing Polish papers at the Vilnius Region. It was also edited during the whole two decades of interwar. The gathered lexical phenomenon of the years 1925-1939 became confronted with the Polish and Russian resources of definition and translation dictionaries. As the comparative source one used also the etymological dictionaries and language guides. The author has noted 100 borrowings from Russian language. There were 36 lexemes in ethnic Polish language of the annexed territory period, 11 units (bojar, lejtenant, podniesienie, spotkać, tarakan, tuziemiec, uradnik, uriadnik, wojłok, wypisać, żulik) functioned in Polish used in the Northern Borderland in twenty- year interwar period, 31 words were registered in the afterwar Vilnian Polish language. In the 20s the editors of the examined paper introduced in inverted commas several Russicisms, indicating that they know their peculiarity. In the 30s in "Kurier Wileński" one found many more such units. The editors more and more often distanced themselves from the regional lexis, which may indicate the growth of their language conciousness resulting from the contacts with the Polish language with the centre, as well as, the local care of language clarity and correctness. One may deduct that, as the years went by, the language of "Kurier Wileński" editors was becoming, though very slowly, purified of regional borrowings. [text from author]

0065-1044; 2392-2389
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