Ombudsmenas ir viešasis administravimas

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Ombudsmenas ir viešasis administravimas
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Ombudsman and public administration
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Jurisprudencija [Jurisprudence]. 2002, Nr. 32 (24), p. 95-103
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Ombudsmenas; Ombudsmenas, viešasis administravimas; Viešasis administravimas; Ombudsman; Ombudsman, public administration; Public administration.
Ombudsmenas; Ombudsmenas, viešasis administravimas; Viešasis administravimas.
Ombudsman; Ombudsman, public administration; Public administration.
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ENThe object of the article "Ombudsman and Public Administration" is to discuss the relation between Ombudsman institution and public administration, purposes and functions of Ombudsman as well as to evaluate the possibilities to influence the improvement of public administration by Seimas Ombudsman Office of the Republic of Lithuania. The article is compiled of 2 parts. In the first part the purpose of Ombudsman institution, peculiarities of its activities and relations with governmental institutions are discussed. In the second part the position of Lithuanian Seimas Ombudsman Office in Lithuanian legal system is determined and the possibilities to influence the improvement in public administration are discussed. The purpose of Ombudsman institution is to protect human rights from the malpractice of public administration officials. Following are the functions Lithuanian Seimas Ombudsman Office performs: protection of civil rights from abuse of office and bureaucracy of the officials, execution of parliamentary control, clarification of subjective and objective reasons of maladministration, submitting recommendations on the improvement of public administration, and participation in improving legal acts. Lithuanian Seimas Ombudsman is empowered to act by the law. Once have determined that inproper legal regulation causes the breach of human rights Ombudsman propose is the change of legal acts. [text from author]

1392-6195; 2029-2058
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