Sociology and society: towards diversity

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Sociology and society: towards diversity
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Sociologija ir visuomenė: link įvairovės
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Lietuvos sociologija; Problemų kaita; Socialinės transformacijos; Sociologija; Sociologijos istorija; Sociologijos problemų kaita; Teorinė sociologija; History of sociology; Lithuanian sociology; Social transformation; Sociology; The change of its problem; The change of sociological problems; Theoretical sociology.

ENIn social sciences the process of globalisation is influencing the change of methodologies of investigations, increases the sociological knowledge (and its terms) and improves the interpretation used in the analyses and research carried out in Lithuania. It is very significant to understand now how social and private sphere (Rossler B. 2005), reveal the power of people. The very significant question is – what is the influence of new challenges to family, individual and to all society. In the paper the author analyses changing problems of Lithuanian sociology, the features of its intellectual discourse, influence of foreigner science and language. The author describes what social phenomena enrich the sociological knowledge; the approaches of sociology reveal different relations between knowledge and social life. [text from author]

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