Nukentėjusiojo statuso problema baudžiamajame procese

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Nukentėjusiojo statuso problema baudžiamajame procese
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Status of victim in criminal procedure
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Jurisprudencija [Jurisprudence]. 2001, Nr. 19 (11), p. 173-182
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Baudžiamasis procesas; Nukentėjusysis; Žmogaus teisės
Criminal procedure; Human rights; Victim; Victim of crime
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ENThe status of crime victims is unsatisfactory in Lithuania. The criminal procedure is turning away from the victim and giving the majority attention to a criminal. Because of this the rights of victim are much more narrow than the criminal's ones. There is no effective mechanism for the victim to ensure the possibility to use his rights. Besides, the institution of harm made by crime, is not sufficiently regulated in the frames of valid law, the conception of it is too narrow. Because of that part of the harm made by crime is not listed and in this way the rights of the victim are unsatisfactory limited, in the first place there is a right to insist on making up for the made harm. Nowdays the harm made by crime is made up by the help of restitution in Lithuania. The mechanism that is used may be effective only when the crime is exposed and the criminal has some property or income. Besides the majority of criminals has no income source or have very little one. Even if the criminal has income, he usually hides it. So the majority of criminals will not be prosecuted. The legal system is being reformed in Lithuania, the country is getting ready to join European Union, the main new codes are being prepared, there are auspicious conditions for making life of the victims of crime better. While achieving this it is necessary that standart deeds of the country would satisfy the standarts that regulate the status of victim, would foresight the regulated status of respecting rights of the victim, understanding one's interests and ensuring one's necessary help. The criminal procedure in Lithuania more and more turns to the victim of crime [text from author]

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