Moksleivio muzikinė kultūra kaip ugdymo tikslas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Moksleivio muzikinė kultūra kaip ugdymo tikslas
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Pupils' musical culture as a teaching goal
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Pedagogika. 2001, 49, p. 135-141
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Muzikinė kultūra; Muzikinė savirealizacija; Asmens kultūros ugdymas; Music culture; Musical self-realization; Personal culture education.
Muzika / Music; Ugdymas / Education.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama moksleivių muzikinės kultūros kaip ugdymo tikslo reikšmė konceptualiai pertvarkant bei optimizuojant pedagoginį procesą. Atliekant tyrimus parodomi poveikio galimybių ir kokybės skirtumai procesą orientuojant į muzikinės kultūros pažinimą ir į jos ugdymą. Toks mokinio kultūros tapsmą skatinantis ugdymo tikslas svarbus jo meninei, t. y. muzikinei, brandai ir demokratinės visuomenės mokyklai. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe main idea of the article is that a teaching goal should be to develop pupil's musical culture, and should not be limited to introducing to the musical cultural heritage. This problem is important for the education in a democratic society. Therefore it is necessary to recognize the value of pupil's culture and to base the meaning of its development in the teaching process. The pupil's culture is a component in the general culture functioning system. On the other hand it includes art culture which reveals itself in the musical art. Thus, the goal of pupil's musical culture development in the teaching process is to ensure a possibility for the functioning of musical art. However, the art is perceived diferently during diferent age stages. Therefore a teaching process which develops a pupil's musical culture is one that ensures a possibility for the functioning of pupil's music art. While discussing specific tasks and process at school practice, limited traditional teaching possibilities to influence pupil's culture are demonstrated. Otherwise, the research confirms the importance of reorientation of teaching process towards pupils' musical culture development making it a realistic goal. The offered pupils' musical culture development is directed towards anthropocentricity. It totally differs from traditional music teaching dominating in practice right now. Therefore it is an important issue while reorganizing pupils' music teaching system created during the Soviet times. [From the publication]

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