Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegijos studentų požiūris į nuotolines studijas

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegijos studentų požiūris į nuotolines studijas
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Viepoint of the students of Northern Lithuania College to distance learning
In the Journal:
Studijos šiuolaikinėje visuomenėje. 2010, Nr. 1(1), p. 42-47
Nuotolinis mokymas ir mokymasis / Distance teaching and learning; Požiūris į studijas; Suaugusiųjų švietimas.
Adult education; Approach to studying; Attitudes to studies; Distance education; Distance learning; Distance studies; The approach to education.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama šiandien aktuali nuotolinių studijų plėtotės problema. Pastaruoju metu atsiranda nauji mokymo(-si) būdai ir formos, kurių pagrindu tampa šiuolaikinių technologijų naudojimas. Viena vis populiarėjančių formų - nuotolinės studijos. Svarbu ištirti studijuojančiųjų požiūrį į studijas, nes tai padeda siekti studijų efektyvumo. Straipsnyje pristatomi ir analizuojami empirinio tyrimo apie studentų požiūrį į nuotolines studijas duomenys. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe changes in education system are oriented on the new technology-based teaching ways and methods. Distance education and e-learning are long-range for lifelong lasting education. It is very important for learners and teachers to have an information communication competence. As well as very good computer knowledge and practice is required. Sometimes participants need time and new skills to adapt to distance learning. The research is based upon the analysis of a viewpoint of Northern Lithuania College students. 100 student of this institution have participated in the research. The internet survey was pursued in January, 2010. Generalizing, it can be stated that almost all students work with computer longer than one year and have a possibility to use an internet at home. According to the students, distance learning can help to combine work and studies; it is possible to choose time, place and learning area and also it is an effective learning. The results show that virtual communication with teacher will not impede for learning, but long working with computer is not good for the eyes. Students do not have enough information about distance learning. Students would like to choose distance learning for these reasons: to achieve new knowledge, to raise qualification, to combine studies and work. Most attractive courses for distance learning are: improvement of IT skills, Management of Organization, Basics of Management, Law or Foreign Language. [text from author]

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