Etnologijos studijos Lietuvoje 1927-2005 metais

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Straipsnis / Article
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Etnologijos studijos Lietuvoje 1927-2005 metais
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Studies in ethnology in Lithuania in 1927-2005
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Lietuvos etnologija. 2010, 9 (18), p. 139-164
Straipsnis lenkų kalba skelbtas: Apanavičius, Romualdas. Studia etnologiczne na Litwie w latach 1927-2005, ANALECTA. Studia i materiały z dziejów nauki. 2007. Rok XVI, zeszyt 1-2(31-32): 165-190.
Etnografija; Etnologija; Etnologijos studijos; Folkloristika; Stepono Batoro universitetas (Stephen Báthory University in Vilnius); Studijos; Vilniaus universitetas (VU; Vilnius University); Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas (VDU, VMU, Vytautas Magnus University).
Ethnography; Ethnology; Ethnology studies; Folkloristics; Lithuania; Stephan Batory university; Studies.
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LTKaip rodo negausūs archyvų duomenys, nuo 1927 m. Stepono Batoro universitete Vilniuje etnologijos studijos buvo labiau susietos su etnologijos, o nuo 1934 m. Vytauto Didžiojo universitete Kaune – su tautosakos mokslo tyrimais. Dėl politinių priežasčių iki 1940 m. ryšių tarp šių universitetų nebuvo. Karo ir pokario metais etnologijos studijos Vilniaus universitete sunyko, etnologija tapo tik filologijos ir istorijos studijų atšaka. Nuo 1992 m. etnologijos studijų programą VDU vykdo Etnologijos ir folkloristikos katedra, studijuoja bakalaurai, magistrai ir doktorantai. VDU etnologijos studijos suvienijo iki tol buvusias atskiras studijų pakraipas – aprėpia etnologijos, tautosakos, mitologijos, kultūros antropologijos, etninės muzikos ir šiuolaikinės kultūros tyrimus. [Iš leidinio]

ENStudies in ethnology in Lithuania began at the Stefan Batory University (USB) in Vilnius in 1927, and at the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) in Kaunas in 1934. Although both universities were located in different states at the time mentioned - USB in Poland and VMU in Lithuania - the area and the problems of the studies were almost similar. At the USB, the original studies in ethnology had been developed from the subjects of history, at the VMU, from courses of philology. Activities of distinguished scholars in the Department of Ethnology and Ethnography at the USB and the Department of Ethnic Studies at the VMU led to the establishment of this discipline. The programme at the USB was orientated mostly to ethnology and ethnography. The main subject of ethnological studies at the VMU was folklore. These two directions of ethnology were not united in 1939 when the activities of the USB were suspended by the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament), and, as a result, the Faculty of Humanities was moved from the VMU to Vilnius University (VU); the representatives of the Humanities and ethnology of USB had left Lithuania at that time. After the Second World War, studies in ethnology were developed at the VU only. In 1950 VMU was divided into two higher schools, Kaunas Institute of Polytechnics and Kaunas Institute of Medicine. VMU had been practically closed down by the Soviet authorities. Ethnology at the VU was developed as the subject of studies at the departments of Ethnography, Museum Studies, Archaeology and Ethnology, and, in 1964, at the Department of History of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania. [From the publication]The studies were orientated towards a particular peculiarity of ethnography, which became a branch of studies in history. The major subjects of ethnological studies were taught by a USB Master of Philosophy (1939) Pranė Stukėnaitė, later Professor at VU Pranė Dundulienė. Due to her efforts, traditions in the studies of ethnology, originating at USB were continued. The subjects of folklore were transferred to the Department of Lithuanian Literature at VU where they became a branch of studies in philology. Ethnology and folklore existed as two different branches of different directions at VU. The traditions of studies in ethnology of USB and VMU were united in 1992, when the Department of Ethnology and Folklore at VMU, which was reestablished in 1989, was founded. The subjects of the studies embrace not only ethnology and folklore, but ethnography, anthropology, ethnomusicology, mythology, religion, as well art and modern culture studies. The Bachelor programme "Ethnology" began in 1992 and the Master programme "Ethnic Culture" as well as Doctoral studies in ethnology, in 1993. According to the VMU Statute, two years of bachelor studies are allotted to the wide-ranging study of obligatory and alternative courses, and the next two years for specialization. The Master and doctoral programmes concentrate upon the special studies, and the Master studies propose alternative subjects in ethnology, history, philosophy. Authorities in ethnology at the VMU were former students of Professor P. Dundulienė. […]. [From the publication]

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