Proporcingumo principo taikymas administracinėje ir aplinkos teisėje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Proporcingumo principo taikymas administracinėje ir aplinkos teisėje
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Application of the principle of proportionality in administrative and environmental law
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Teisė. 2009, t. 72, p. 110-128
Proporcingumo principas; Administracinė teisė; Aplinkos teisė.
Principle of proportinality; Administrative law; Environmental law.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjami klausimai, susiję su proporcingumo principo samprata, šio principo reikšme ir vieta administracinėje teisėje bei konkrečioje valstybės valdymo srityje - aplinkos apsaugos teisiniuose santykiuose. Siekiama nustatyti, kokia proporcingumo principo taikymo praktika Europos Sąjungos bei vienos iš Europos Sąjungos narių - Lietuvos Respublikos - aplinkos teisėje irsią teisę taikančioje teismų praktikoje. Ieškoma atsakymo į klausimą, kokie teisiniai gėriai, vadovaujantis proporcingumo principu, turi būti sveriami administracinėje ir aplinkos teisėje bei kuo šiuo aspektu svarbus proporcingumo ir atsargumo principo santykis. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article analyses the principle of proportionality as one of the factors through which the European law (meaning the law of the European Union, as well as the law created through the legal instruments of the European Council) influences the national legal system. A conclusion is drawn that the methods of the application of the principle o f proportionality reflect the significance of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights on the legal practice of the Constitutional Court o f the Republic o f Lithuania, as well as on the formation of the national constitutional legal principles. It is noted that the analysis of the legal judgments of the Constitutional Court concerning the application of the principle of proportionality leads to a conclusion that the latter principle was first applied as an international legal principle, and only later linked to the Constitution of the Republic through the principle of the legal state. On the contrary, the influence of the law of the European Union and its institutions is easier distinguished in the practice of the administrative courts and development of the administrative principles. An interdisciplinary approach is also taken in the article to discuss the meaning of proportionality in environmental law. In the respect of the application of this principle in EU law, two aspects are discussed: first, the role of the principle in weighing two essential legal values - the right to a safe and healthy environment (environmental protecton) and the freedom of movement of goods; second, the meaning of the proportionality requirement in the light of the application of the precautionary principle. One of the conclusions made is that it is the application of the precautionary principle, which shifts the above mentioned balance towards environmental protection.Another conclusion made, based on the analysis of the case law of the administrative courts of Lithuania, is that the application of the proportionality principle is still often linked to the application of sanctions, both, in the general sphere of public administration (where it concerns the application of administrative sanctions, the administrative liability of state servants, disciplinary responsibility, etc.) and in the sphere of environmental protection (in the application of liability for environmental damage (environmental liability)). In the opinion of the author, such application of the principle is without doubt to narrow and must, in the future, be expanded. [From the publication]

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