Europejimo profiliai kintant naujumo režimams Lietuvos mene

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Europejimo profiliai kintant naujumo režimams Lietuvos mene
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Profiles of europeanization in shift of regimes of a new in Lithuanian art
Europinimas; Hermeneutinis naujumas; Lokacinis naujumas; Meninis laukas; Naujumas; Naujumo dažnis; Naujumo režimas.
A hermeneutical new; A locational new; A new; A rate of the new; A regime of the new; Europeanization; Field of art; The new.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis paper makes attempt to turn attention into internal dynamics of the phenomena of the new in relation with the universal processes of the Europeanization. These runs are actualised in respect of the recent socio-political and cultural situation in Lithuania. The subject matter of the article is focused on some specific notions of a new, which opens transparent perspectives of theorization and particular aspects for survey. The notions of the new are suggested: a regime of the new, a location new, and a hermeneutical new. In the current case, these notions plays a role of important mirrors made to reflect the heterogenic and pluralistic nature of Europe, and processes of the same condition inspired by that. Some special aspects of Lithuanian contemporary art are criticised because they follow the only one vector - the hierarchy of Europe as a top of a novelty. For the conclusion, hermeneutical, locational, non-essence, relative and discursive nature of the contemporary new and it's universal and volatile state are the qualities, which make it easy manipulative, subordinate to the functional and social relations of power, value and timescale, which are to define as a rate and a regime of a new. [From the publication]

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