Lietuviškasis tapatumas: kultūra ir valstybė

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Lietuviškasis tapatumas: kultūra ir valstybė
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Lithuanian identity: culture and state
Atvirumas; Kultūra; Lietuviškasis tapatumas; Tapatumas; Tauta; Tautos kultūra; Valstybė.
Culture; Identity; Lithuania; Lithuanian identity; Nation; National culture; Openness; State.
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ENThe paper starts with the definition of the concept of „identity", revealing its problematic character under existing conditions of openness. The identity of nation is considered as an endless creative process. The author distinguishes two levels of it - external one, which forms the objective facts of history, and internal one, the kernel of which is the national selfconsciousness. The latter divides into the ethnic-cultural and the state-civil aspects. The historical existence of Lithuanians has been reflected in the written texts long before the foundation of the state of Lithuania. The decisive importance for the formation of Lithuania's cultural identity had the whole of influences, which appeared when Lithuania adopted Christianity and opened the way to the Western cultural values. There have been two ways of the historical formation of nations - the nations have been formed by the state, or, on the contrary, the states have been built up by the nations. The latter way was that of the modern Lithuanian nation. At present the relation of the nation to the independant state is complicated, the number of Lithuanians identifying themselves with the state is decreasing, the majority of them are identifying themselves with the ethnic cultural background of the nation. At present the culture is affected by the postmodern reliati vism of values and nihilism, therefore the quesion arises is it sufficient background for the consolidation of the Lithuaniain identity in the future. [From the publication]

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