Telpas poētikas specifika dramaturgijā

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Straipsnis / Article
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Telpas poētikas specifika dramaturgijā
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Specificity of the poetics of space in dramaturgy
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Dramaturgija / Dramaturgy.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Chronotopas; Erdvės poetika; Dramaturgija; A.Škėma; Poetics of space; Dramaturgy; A. Škėma; Chronotope; Topos; Topics of space.

ENThe perspective of space in dramaturgy is different from that in prose or poetry, specifically complicated because of the particularity of the play's discourse. Complications emerge first and foremost because the narrator is eliminated from the basic text in plays - in this way, the point of reference concerning the dimension of space and time is partially shifted. To be precise, a sort of ambivalent situation is formed, in which the chronotope, especially space in dramaturgy, is converted to a more important structural unit than it is in other types of literature. An ambivalent aspect is created because the narrator emerges in the "subsidiary" text of the play, metatext, remarks of different sorts. The aim of the article is to highlight a methodological platform, which will enable to perceive and explain a dramatic piece as a specific space (re)-organization act, while reflecting on works on literary and cognate research dealing with the topics of space, poetics and the material of plays. At the same time typological parallels dramaturgy and the fine arts (mostly painting) are educed, using various postulates of arts. The greatest attention is focused not on the space of the content, spreading out through specificity of details and place {topos), but on space perspective as the factor determined by the depiction strategy of the piece of art (and to some extent - conditioning the mentioned strategy). The specificity of imagery "depicting/representing" space is used only as a subsidiary factor. While bearing in mind the aspect of the strategy of space, the Lithuanian writer's Antanas Škėma (1910-1961) prose piece "Izaokas" (1961) has been compared with his play "Ataraxia" (1961) which varies the same subject. [From the publication]

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