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Teisiniai Lietuvos Respublikos pilietybės pagrindai
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Legal basis of the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania
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Politologija. 2000, Nr. 4 (20), p. 23-51
Lietuvos Republikos pilietybė.
The Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania; The Constitutional Law.
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LTLietuvos Respublikos pilietybės, kaip ir nepriklausomos Lietuvos valstybės, atkūrimas yra grindžiamas jos tęstinumo principu. Po 1940 metų Lietuvos okupacijos ir aneksijos Lietuvos Respublikos pilietybės institutas buvo labai suvaržytas, tačiau teisiškai niekada nebuvo panaikintas. Atkurtos nepriklausomos Lietuvos valstybės pilietybės institutas kyla ne iš "Lietuvos TSR", kuri niekada nebuvo ir negalėjo būti Lietuvos valstybė, o yra Lietuvos Respublikos pilietybės instituto, egzistavusio tarpukario laikotarpiu, tąsa. Pilietybės įstatymo normų analizė leidžia geriau suvokti, kaip buvo sprendžiami Lietuvos pilietybės klausimai, išryškinti kai kurias pilietybės teisinio reguliavimo problemas, siūlyti galimus jų sprendimo būdus. [Iš leidinio]

ENProper, qualitative regulations of citizenship relations are an important condition to enforce Lithuanian statehood, to ensure human rights and freedoms, to integrate Lithuania into the European Union. Regulations of the Constitution, the Law on Citizenship, respective resolutions of the Government and other sub statutory legal acts regulate citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania. Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania is an expression of continuation of the citizenship of the independent Republic of Lithuania before the Second World War. The "Lithuanian SSR" has never been the form of Lithuanian statehood, thus the so-called "citizenship of the Lithuanian SSR" of 1940-1989 is valued as pseudo-citizenship compulsory forced by the occupation power upon Lithuanian citizens. After the movement of national rebirth and liberation had started, the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian SSR, which was at that time an administrative institution formed by the occupation power, was made to pass the Law of the Lithuanian SSR on Citizenship which was in essence equal to the law of an independent state on citizenship. After the independent Lithuanian State had been restored on 11 March 1990, this law became a law of the Republic of Lithuania settling the relations of citizenship till the end of 1991 when a new Law of the Republic of Lithuania was passed. The Law on Citizenship determines the ways as to how to acquire citizenship, the conditions of naturalisation, the ways how one may loose citizenship, it regulates the order how issues of citizenship are solved.The Law on Citizenship provides the right how to preserve the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania. There are no similar regulations in the laws on citizenship of other states. Article 12 of the Constitution consolidates in essence the principle of single citizenship; i.e. no person may be a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania and another state in the same, time except in the cases provided by the law. However, due to collision of the laws of various states some Lithuanian citizens, irrespective of their will, may also become citizens of other states. In these cases they loose citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania. Such legal regulations have to be improved providing the possibility to a Lithuanian citizen to decide himself/herself upon citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania. It is also suggested to amend those regulations of the Law on Citizenship according to which one may lose citizenship in the Republic of Lithuania only then when a citizen lives abroad longer than three years with a passport of the Republic of Lithuania which is not valid. [From the publication]

1392-1681; 2424-6034
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