From rhetoric to reality: Lithuania’s total defence response to Russian threats

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From rhetoric to reality: Lithuania’s total defence response to Russian threats
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Baltic journal of law & politics. 2023, Vol. 16, Nr. 2, p. 176-193
Lietuva (Lithuania); Rusija (Russia); Gynyba. Karyba / Defence. Military science; Politika / Politics.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis research delves into Lithuania’s response to the perceived threat from Russia and the practical implementation of its total defence approach. Key political figures, including the President, Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence, and Chairman of the National Security and Defence Committee, are scrutinized using securitization theory. The study explores how these actors frame total defence as an urgent response to an existential threat and analyses both their discourse and tangible actions from 2020 onwards. Distinct approaches among political figures emerge, with the President prioritizing communication, the Minister of Defence emphasizing tangible improvements, and the Chairman of the NSDC acting as a driving force. Despite increased military spending, the involvement of society in national defence—integral to the total defence strategy—remains limited. Factors contributing to this limitation include unclear leadership, insincere rhetoric, bureaucratic obstacles, and the initial unpreparedness of the Armed Forces to integrate civilians. The study underscores the critical need for genuine commitment and leadership to achieve meaningful breakthroughs in Lithuania’s total defence approach. While politicians employ securitization and public discourse to align with public sentiment and present themselves as problem solvers, the actual progress in engaging the public and the private sector remains limited. The discrepancy between discourse and material implementation suggests that a more substantial commitment is essential for effective societal involvement in national defence, making it clear that symbolic gestures fall short of achieving impactful results in Lithuania’s total defence approach. Keywords: Lithuania, total defence, securitization, political discourse, Russia. [From the publication]

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