Interaction and collaboration in Lithuanian schools during COVID-19 pandemic distance learning

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Interaction and collaboration in Lithuanian schools during COVID-19 pandemic distance learning
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European Journal of open, distance and e-learning [EURODL]. 2023, 25, 1, p. 104-116
Lietuva (Lithuania); Mokykla / School; Pandemijos / Pandemics; Pedagogika / Pedagogy.
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ENInteraction and collaboration are essential pillars of successful learning.. The study aimed to find out how school communities collaborated during the COVID-19 pandemic and to assess the importance of collaboration in addressing the challenges faced. The selection of eight schools was made in a targeted way, considering that the participating schools would have chosen different virtual learning environments or technologies used for distance learning; and that schools would be of different types and sizes, and from different regions of Lithuania. . Three methods were used in this qualitative study: analysis of scientific literature, expert interviews, and focus group discussions. The results of our study confirmed that the focus of distance learning is on technological solutions, but not on the methodologies and strategies used to organise learning in virtual learning environments. Moving ‘traditional’ teaching to virtual space has become a key strategy for organising learning in virtual learning environments. The transfer of ‘traditional’ teaching strategies to distance learning not only limits the impactful interaction in virtual learning environments but also encourages ‘academic dishonesty’ among students. The success of distance learning strongly depends on students’ motivation, as well as their ability to organise their learning, solve problems in teams and critically evaluate the information provided. Keywords: COVID-19; Distance learning; Collaboration in the learning process; Model of E-Learning; Interaction; Experiences of schools. [From the publication]

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