Self-reflection as a tool of professional identity formation of future pedagogues

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Self-reflection as a tool of professional identity formation of future pedagogues
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Humanities studies. 2021, 9 (86), p. 91-100
Pedagogai / Pedagogues; Savivertė / Self-evaluation; Švietimas. Švietimo politika / Education. Education policy.
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ENThe relevance of this study. The method of self-reflection is an important factor in practical activity of a pedagogue, seeking to increase his work efficiency, strengthen relationship between ideal and real phenomena. Self-reflection also helps to feel satisfaction in one‘s work. Self-reflection facilitates cooperation between a pedagogue and a client or colleagues. Leliugiene treats self-reflection as objective analysis of professional social – pedagogical activity. She states, that the origin of reflection process is one‘s early relationships with an important person, who should create such environment for a child, in which he can understand his and others‘ psychological states and form his reflective function. Lukosiuniene has found out that reflection is useful for learning, work and personal life of specialists. The main problem.A pedagogue has to analyze and assess his professional activity constantly and seek to improve it. Applying various methods a pedagogue can assess his activity, whereas self-reflection is one of such methods. Thus the author of this article tries to answer the problematic question – how future pedagogues apply the method of self-reflection into the process of practical learning. Object of research: the aspects of self-reflection application, forming professional identity of future pedagogues.The goal – analyse the aspects of self-reflection application in the process of practical learning (as one of the stage of professional identity formation) of future pedagogues. Research methods: analysis of research literature and documents, analysis of students’ diaries of practical learning and their self-reflection of practices, content analysis. The article consists of three parts. The author discusses importance self-reflection in the activity of pedagogues in the first part. The role of self-reflection application in the process of future pedagogues is presented in the second part. And the main results of the empirical research are presented in the third part of the article. Key words: self-reflection, profesional identity, social pedagogy, social pedagogue, practical learning. [From the publication]

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