Students' participation in search for sustainability: a case study from Lithuania

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Straipsnis / Article
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Students' participation in search for sustainability: a case study from Lithuania
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Journal of teacher education for sustainability. 2019, vol. 21, iss. 2, p. 56-72
Mokykla / School; Mokiniai / School students; Ekonominė politika. Globalizacija. Integracija / Economic policy. Globalisation. Integration; Švietimas. Švietimo politika / Education. Education policy.
Summary / Abstract:

ENWhile many studies explain the contributions of economics and environmental protection to social sustainability, and discuss how to achieve sustainable development (SD) through education, less is known about change processes in order to ensure the sustainable development at school. The authors emphasize that as active members of the school community, students should get involved in the school transformation processes. However, is a contemporary school ready for this? The study aims at answering the following questions: How are students as active participants of educational relationship involved in the change processes and how should their involvement be managed seeking sustainability by examining the education institution located in Lithuania? The findings demonstrate that the process of the student involvement in the school transformation process has been explored applying the qualitative approach strategies (integrated theoretical model for change management and case study) from two points of view: theoretical (by analyzing the documents governing the school transformation process) and practical (by analyzing the reflections of the school principalís in-depth interview concerning the student involvement in school transformation processes). Key words: student, rules for students, sustainability, process of change. [From the publication]

1691-4147; 1691-5534
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