Database “Lituanistika” (LDB) – international research database providing bibliographic records, abstracts and full-text documents about the past and present of the Lithuanian state, society, culture, nation and language. It is valuable and high-quality resource for scholarly research on Lithuanian studies from more than 70 countries. The scientific quality of publications is assessed by experts from the relevant scientific fields. Search in the database can be performed across collections: Science (scientific publications), Dissemination (science popularization publications) and E-resources (electronic resources - corpora, databases). Includes abstracts in Lithuanian and English. The database has been compiled since 2006 by the Research Council of Lithuania in cooperation with researches and academic institutions.

At a Glance

  • Object: Lithuanian studies.
  • Subjects include: philosophy, religion, the arts, linguistics and languages, literature, history, ethnology, law, political science, management, economics, sociology, psychology, education, information and communication studies.
  • Ideal for: institutions that conduct research in the field of Lithuanian studies, the academic community, academic libraries, archives, museums, and the public interested in research in the field of Lithuanian studies.

Content Includes

  • More than 98 000 bibliographic records (books, articles that have been published since 2000 and subsequent years, as well as dissertations beginning with the year 1991)
  • 63 700 full-text documents.

Open Access

  • Digital copies of licensed publications by authors and publishers in the PDF format are available in the database. Licenses are marked with the open access symbol ©InC – Lituanistika, which means that users of the database are granted the right to read and use a work without processing it and for non-commercial use; when quoting the source, it is necessary to indicate the address of the database Lituanistika. License Agreements on the publication of the copies of works in the database shall be concluded on the initiative of the Research Council of Lithuania or authors by filling in the form of the License Agreement. The Agreement shall be sent to the address specified in Contacts.
  • Works published by authors and publishers are marked with an open source licenses CC. More
  • Texts by authors and publishers are published by indicating electronic addresses of publications (URL). For information on conditions governing the use of texts, see the websites of your access providers.


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