Miestų gamtinės ekosistemos kultūrinės paslaugos ir jų vertinimo aspektai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Miestų gamtinės ekosistemos kultūrinės paslaugos ir jų vertinimo aspektai
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Cultural services of natural ecosystem in the cities and their evaluation methods
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Darnios aplinkos vystymas [Sustainable environmental development]. 2022, 1, 19, p. 128-141
Valdymas / Management.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariama gamtinės ekosistemos paslaugų klasifikacija, išskiriant kultūrines paslaugas ir jų svarbą miesto gyventojams bei bendruomenėms. Remiantis aktualiais moksliniais tyrimais nagrinėjami gamtinės ekosistemos miestuose teikiamų kultūrinių paslaugų vertinimo metodai bei piniginio ir nepiniginio vertinimo aspektai. Keturiuose Lietuvos miestuose atliktas empirinis tyrimas parodė skirtingų tyrimo metodų derinimo galimybes vertinant gamtinės ekosistemos kultūrines paslaugas. Reikšminiai žodžiai: gamtinės ekosistemos paslaugos, kultūrinės paslaugos, miesto želdynai, piniginiai ir ne piniginiai vertinimo metodai. [Iš leidinio]

ENServices of the natural ecosystem in the cities supply ben efits for people and communities in every possible way by direct and not direct interactions betw een nature and peopl e. The benefit of these services for human wellbeing are associated with various values as well as emotional, educational, inspirational va lues, aesthetic pictures, close connections with places and the landscape, cultural heritage and recreation, ecotourism etc. The evaluation of cultural services of the natural ecosystem in the cities is problematic because of their multidimensional origin often the same subject of natural ecosystem supplies not only the cultural services, but other services e.g. supply of resources and regulation as well. There is significant dominance of not direct and not consumption values. There are few research papers focused on the value research of cultural services of the natural ecosystem in the cities, but a limited number of methods such as representative market price, travels costs, hedonistic costs and other quantitative research methods are applied. These met hods, if financial information is available, enable accurate estimates of the expenses of providi ng these services, b ut to estimate their benefits is complicated. Existence values, which cultural services are supplying and their not material origin demand to apply another, not monetary evaluation methods. Urban residents and communities.to apply another, not monetary evaluation methods. Urban residents and communities can have diffe rent points of view and demands relative to these values, therefore is it necessary to investigate these demands applying the methods of telling of priorities and qualitative research with the aim to evaluate cultural services of natural ecosystems in the cities. The monetary evaluation of these services is actually for the establishment of a primary data basis for more detailed evaluation in future, when a bigg er number of urban residents and communities and their representatives will be included in the re search. Key words: Natural ecosystem services, cultural services, urban green zones, monetary and non- monetary methods of evaluation. [From the publication]

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