Inclusive education - the need for systemic changes

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Straipsnis / Article
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Inclusive education - the need for systemic changes
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Kształcenie integracyjne - konieczność zmian systemowych
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Multicultural studies. 2017, 2, p. 167-188
Specialieji poreikiai / Special needs; Specialusis ugdymas / Special education.
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn this paper we present the systemic changes in education in Lithuania as well as the simultaneous movement towards inclusive education. Lithuania is following an international approach on inclusive education (UNECSO, 2008). The latter understanding prompted a shift of focus – from disorder towards human rights and needs. It is legally recognised, that children with special educational needs have a need for assistance and services in the education process that occurs due to being exceptionally gifted, having congenital or acquired disorders or disadvantages in their personal surroundings. The authors of the paper aimed to overview the systemic changes of the Lithuanian education system leading towards inclusive education. The research was based on systems theory taking into account two general approaches: 1) a cross-sectional approach – with a focus on the interactions that take place between two or more systems, and 2) a developmental approach – with a focus on the changes occurring in a system over time. Documentary review as well as meta-analysis have been employed as the methods of the exploratory study. The paper discloses that the systemic changes cover developments in educational policies and practices, including the financial and administrative framework, educational support through Pedagogical Psychological Services, and teacher training for inclusive education. [From the publication]

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