Balancing nurses’ workload: A case study with nurse anaesthetists and intensive care nurses

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Balancing nurses’ workload: A case study with nurse anaesthetists and intensive care nurses
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Economics and Sociology [Journal of Scientific Papers Economics & Sociology]. 2020, 13, 2, p. 11-25
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Slaugytojos; Intensyvioji terapija; Terapinių intervencijų vertinimo sistema; Euro SCORE II. Keywords: Nurses; Workload; Intensive care; Therapeutic intervention scoring system; Euro SCORE II. Reikšminiai žodžiai: Slauga; Intensyvioji priežiūra; Širdies chirurgija; Nurses; Intensive care; Cardiovascular diseases.
Intensyvioji priežiūra; Slauga. Slaugytojai / Nursing. Nurses; Širdies chirurgija.
Intensive care.
Summary / Abstract:

ENOver the last two decades, intensive care has changed significantly. The nursing care intensity and the workload of nurses in the intensive care units have increased. In order to distribute tasks among nurse anaesthetists and intensive care nurses effectively and to balance their workload there is a need to implement nurses’ workload calculation techniques on a daily basis. The presented study aims to estimate the nurse anaesthetists and intensive care nurses’ workload by assessing nursing care intensity and patients’ severity in intensive care unit. The descriptive cross-sectional study design was employed for this study. The data was collected at a university hospital cardio-surgery intensive care unit. The total of 1147 assessments of nurses’ workload were performed. The relationship between TISS-28 components and nurses’ workload was analysed and a significant positive correlation among nurses’ workload, patients’ age and length of stay in the unit was determined. An excessive nursing workload increased by the overall nursing actions, support of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic system actions. The implementation of TISS-28 into nursing practice could help with showing the value of nursing practice and nurses’ input, also it would help calculating the nurses’ workload more accurately and improving the distribution of nurses in the workplace. [From the publication]

10.14254/2071- 789X.2020/13-2/1
2071-789X; 2306-3459
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