Arkivyskupo Mečislovo Reinio bendramintis

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Arkivyskupo Mečislovo Reinio bendramintis
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Archbishop Mečislovas Reinys in the reminiscences of the Rev. PhD Juozas Čepėnas
Atsiminimai. Biografijos / Memories. Biographies; Dvasininkija / Clergy; Filosofai / Philosophers.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Mečislovas Reinys; Juozapas Čepėnas; Arkivyskupai; Kunigai; Filosofai; Biografijos; Mečislovas Reinys; Juozapas Čepėnas; Archbishops; Priests; Philosophers; Biographies.

ENArchbishop M. Reinys' (5/2/1884-8/11/1953) hard and complicated life road and his personal traits of character are made more distinct and more complete due to some new facts found in the reminiscences of the Rev. PhD Juozapas Čepėnas (18/10/1880-24/1/1976) who happened to live in the neighbourhood of M. Reinys' birth-place. They were friends in childhood and this friendship grew even stronger in later years. These reminiscences were published by J. Čepėnas' brother's son Juozapas Čepėnas, also a priest, and the typed text of "The Reminiscences of Juozelis from Velaikiai" was bound into four volumes. These volumes of "The Reminiscences of Juozelis from Velaikiai" were presented by the Rev. J. Čepėnas to the school museum of Daugailiai, the pastor of the parish of Daugailiai Petras Baltuška, the author of this article and a few other persons. On the ground of J. Čepėnas' reminiscences this article specifies and persents in greater detail some facts of Archbishop Mečislovas Reinys' life, focuses attention on certain traits of his character making them more distinct, draws a parallel between the life experiences of the two glorious priests, doctors of philosophy, educationalists and friends devoted to spiritual things. The friendly relations between Archbishop M. Reinys' and the Rev. J. Čepėnas, their extension and maturity were determined by the circumstances and their outlook on life: both of them came of the same parish of Daugailiai (the distance between M. Reinys' farmstead in the village of Madagaskaras and J. Čepėnas' home in the village of Velaikiai was 3 kilometres) and were neigh-bours and close friends in childhood; both of them shared a strong desire for education, persevered in their studies, studied at the Theological seminary and were ordained priests; they supported each other while studying abroad (according to their mutual agreement they worked and studied by turns) and.J. Čepėnas' reminiscences give evidence of the fact that at the critical periods of his life the Archbishop relied on him with confidence as an adviser and a friend. In his reminiscences M. Reinys comes out as an activist of the Christian Democratic party. As a priest, a bishop and later an archbishop, M. Reinys regarded the propagation of God's love as one of his major tasks: his sermons were suggestive and uplifting, his lectures to the public and the youth were sincere and comprehensible. M. Reinys was concerned about young people and more than one student was supported from his funds. The Rev. J. Čepėnas writes about M. Reinys' strict daily routine which he never broke even during his holidays which he frequently spent at his friend's. A well-balanced time provided favourable conditions for the extention of scientific knowledge and the profundity of research work. His broad erudition and devotion to spiritual' things manifested themselves in a well motivated criticism of atheistic communism and in his ability to remain faithful to his convictions when he found himself in the hands of the KGB. Alongside the main purpose of this article - the necessity to have a special study on M. Reinys' and J. Čepėnas' philosophical world outlook - it also sought to commemorate the Rev. J. Čepėnas', the author of the reminiscences, 120th birth anniversary. [From the publication]

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